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Thanks to all who have wished me a Happy Birthday so far, and to any others who wish me the same later in the day! =D
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Boiler and Violet as Team Rocket by RCBlazer
Boiler and Violet as Team Rocket
Based on a theme for Halloween and an RP with :icondynamoe: This time, Boiler and Violet are dressed in the Team Rocket uniforms worn by Jesse and James in the Pokemon cartoon.

Boiler by :icondynamoe:
Violet by :iconrcblazer: That's me! =D
Team Rocket are from Pokemon by Nintendo and Gamefreak
Violet and Boiler as Chris and Jill by RCBlazer
Violet and Boiler as Chris and Jill
Here is my very first attempt at a dA submission using Photoshop CS2! Based on both a theme for Halloween and an RP with :icondynamoe: Here, they are dressed as STARS Alpha Team members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil.

Boiler by :icondynamoe:
Violet by :iconrcblazer: <- Hey, that's me! =D
Resident Evil and its respective characters by Capcom.
So I was going to work on some pictures for Halloween, but I have been stopped by an unexpected setback; Photostudio 5 has stopped working for me! The file jpeglib.dll was detected as malware by my antimalware program and removed, and it ceased to start up after that! I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Photostudio 5 from the disk, but even then I kept getting the same problem! :nuu:

Hopefully I can find a solution to this problem (or at the very least another photo editing software that works) so I can actually make pictures again. This has really put a damper on my day. =( First my speakers, now Photostudio 5. What else could go wrong?

UPDATE: Some good news! I think I may have figured out how to get Photoshop to do what I want it to do! I messed around with some basic shapes I drew and scanned in, and figured out what I wanted to know. I'll have to test it with a real picture at some point, but I may be back in the saddle! =D
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Penny Less backed away as the Powerpunk Girls approached her. She was used to them coming after her to beat her up, but why were they dressed so provocatively? "I-is anyone here that can help me? Angel? Zen? Jomo?" Penny asks, seemingly to no one around. That's when she hears a loud crash and sees Jomo Momo himself arrive. Her look of relief turns to one of fear when she sees him however; Jomo has used Chemical X to turn himself gigantic, and he is dressed in red and black! Something is wrong with him!

"Jomo? What happened to you?" Penny asks the hero of Viletown, who looks down at her with an uncharacteristic look for him; a sinister, toothy grin! She sees the letter on his chest is no longer a green "J" but a red "P" "Who are you? You're not Jomo!" Penny shouts in accusation.

Jomo answers Penny with a creepy, sadistic laugh before answering in a voice that isn't his own! "I have accommodated the body of this city's hero, and shaped it into my own! I already have the Powepunk Girls under my control, and soon I will spread myself across Viletown, turning everyone into my willing slaves!"

"You won't get away with this!" Penny shouts defiantly; despite standing alone against the Powerpunk Girls and Plague in Jomo Momo's body, Penny shows no signs of fear. "Someone will stop you!"

"Oh yeah? Who?" Plague asks, his grin not leaving his face. "Your little guardian friend did the wise thing and left town before I could make her my slave too! I also know the Powerpuff Girls aren't going to be showing up to save you either! Who does that leave to stop me? You?" Plague laughs maniacally at Penny...

...when a familiar voice answers his question! "I can stop you."

Plague looks at the source of the voice, seeing Blazer as the Powerpuff Paragon of Destruction, and his face turns to one of abject terror! "What? Burn? NO! IMPOSSIBLE! You're supposed to be dead!"

Penny looks at Blazer, a mix of fear and confusion on her face. "Burn? No, no you're not. It's you! The one who saved us from him when he..."

Penny's realization is interrupted when she sees Angel descend toward her, lifting her into the air by the hand. "C'mon it's not safe here. Let's let Blazer handle this." Angel tells her as she starts to fly away, bringing Penny with her.

"Blazer?" Plague looks at his opponent again, and his shocked expression melts into a knowing, sadistic grin. "Blazer! So good to see you again! I wasn't sure I would be going to Townsville to take my revenge against you, but it seems you were willing to come here to me!"

"I'm putting a stop to this Plague." Blazer says bluntly. "However you came back doesn't matter to me. Whatever you have planned, I'm stopping you right now!"

Plague continues to grin knowingly. "It seems I need to refresh your memory on how frightening I really am! If I recall correctly, the previous times you tried to face me by yourself, I defeated you! I would have destroyed you easily, if not for the Rowdyruff Boys, or Professor Utonium, or Imposter! Well, none of them are around to save you from what I do to you this time!"

Plague aims his outstretched hands at Blazer and fires a Hyper Beam directly at him, expecting him to fly up or attempt to dodge the attack in any way. Instead, Blazer takes a defensive stance, as though he were going to try and block it!

"Oh come now Blazer, do you really think you-" Plague is interruped as Blazer suddenly appears right in front of Plague's face, well out of the way of the Hyper Beam as he aims and fires an explosive blast of orange light from his hand, right into one of Plague's eyes! Plague staggers back, clutching his eye in pain as he glares angrily at Blazer through his other, undamaged eye. "I'll make you pay for that! Powerpunk Girls, get rid of Blazer!"

"As you wish, Master Plague!" Berserk says as the Powerpunk Girls enter a combat formation.

"Well now, doesn't this seem familiar?" Plague asks, grinning despite the pain from being blasted in the face a moment ago. "Three girls against just you. The last time this happened, you tried to attack me while they were beating you senseless!"

"Crush him!" Berserk gives the order. Brute charges at Blazer first, swinging her arm as though it were a baseball bat right at Blazer's head, but Blazer swats her arm aside and counters with his other arm. What appears to be a mere shove sends Brute sprawling backwards past her sisters, much to their (and Plague's) surprise! Berserk and Brat back away, choosing not to attack Blazer yet.

"Looks to me like you actually did learn from our previous encounters. I'm actually a little impressed!" Plague says. "Still not sure why you would hold back against the Powerpunk Girls, considering they-"

"Who says I was holding back?" Blazer asks with a knowing smirk of his own. Plague turns and sees that Brute is down and out entirely! "Because of the way my arms look, you probably think I just pushed her down. That was in fact a technique called the One Inch Punch. In the hands of the martial arts master who created that move, it hits twice as hard as a car would going at thirty miles per hour... and I just used it on Brute!"

"Was that meant to scare me into surrendering?" Plague asks, crossing his arms. "You seem to forget where we currently are. Even if I hadn't infected so many of the people of Viletown before your arrival, they would still cheer me on to defeat you! I am Jomo Momo, the hero of Viletown, and you..." Plague points at Blazer as he finishes his statement. " look just like the monster that tried to kill them all!"

Blazer frowns. "I gotta admit, you do have a point. I can't help that I resemble Burn, that I look like the worst monster that ever came from this city. Even after I destroy you and save everyone, they won't be grateful."

"They will fear you. They will hate you!" Plague says. "Especially since you had to destroy their greatest hero to get me!"

Berserk and Brat prepare to attack Blazer together as he looks down, looking unsure of himself. They both charge at Blazer, each aiming to punch him from opposite sides, when Blazer suddenly grabs them both by the necks! Blazer looks right at Plague as a blue and orange flame begins to form at his feet.

"If I have to destroy Jomo Momo to save Viletown from you, then I will!" Blazer says, a look of fury on his face! "There's no way Jomo would EVER want someone like you using his body to hurt innocent people! He would want me to stop him no matter the cost; he would TELL ME to stop him by any means if he couldn't stop himself... just like I asked the Powerpuff Girls to do for me. As for the Powerpunk Girls, you said it yourself..."

Blazer slams Berserk and Brat into each other, creating a shockwave that nearly bowls Plague over! "...there's no reason for me to hold back on them." he says as he tosses the two Powerpunk Girls aside, having knocked them out effortlessly!

Plague backs away from Blazer as he starts to walk toward him. "What is going on? You can't possibly be Blazer! What are you?"

"I am the Powerpuff Paragon of Destruction." Blazer calmly answers, aiming a hand at Plague as he charges up to fire another ball of blue and orange light at the villainous super amoeba.

"You won't destroy me." Plague says, sounding as though he were still trying to reason with Blazer, but then he raises his arms, creating a massive black ball of energy crackling with red lightning; a Hyper Dancing Bomb! "Not if I destroy everything else first!"

Plague tosses the Hyper Dancing Bomb down, aiming it right where Blazer is standing...
A Plague on Viletown: Part 2
Plague has already taken over most of Viletown, now that he has Jomo Momo's body and the Powerpunk Girls under his control! Unlike their previous battles, Blazer is ready for Plague this time!
Thanks to all who have wished me a Happy Birthday so far, and to any others who wish me the same later in the day! =D
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