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Ultra ZJ Transforms by RCBlazer
Ultra ZJ Transforms
The dragonruff Ultra Zachary Jr. transforms into a more powerful form! What can the Rowdyruff Boys do to stand up to him now?

Requested by :iconkingofthedragons1:
Having failed to pose as Queen Felicia and guard the final Void Gate, Motrax uses his magic to retreat to the Tomb of the Dilambian Pharoh. The commander of the dark forces, the evil personification of Blackheart, is currently finishing her own ritual when he arrives.

"I'm terribly sorry, but it seems all of the Void Gates have been closed by Felicia and her annoying allies!" Motrax says to the dark commander. "They are sure to come here to stop us now!"

"I already know what they will do." Evil Blackheart says, lowering her hands. "Though they closed each Void Gate, I have managed to gather enough power from them to revive Jason Brooks of Triconia. My other self will know of this, and will convince Quintin to take up Reflection once again. The Sorwin must not regain this sword, as it is the one he used to strike Jason down the first time."

Without waiting for a response from the wizard, Evil Blackheart throws open a portal and flings Motrax through it. Just as the portal closes, she hears a voice call out to her.

"You have done well to restore my life and my power to me so far."

"There is still more to do if you are to return at your full power, Jason of Triconia." Evil Blackheart says to the voice. "The ritual needs more time. You aren't ready yet."

A tall, imposing figure appears before the dark commander. He is dressed in Triconian armor and a black cape adorning the familiar purple robe worn by Jazenok Blackskull the Voidbringer himself. Before she can say or do anything in response, Jason raises his hand, and the dark commander is flung against the wall!

"That can be fixed easy enough." Jason says with a sinister grin. "All I have to do is complete the ritual myself. If you don't mind, I will be taking the shards of the Black Heart from you in order to do just that."

"You won't get the opportunity!" Evil Blackheart shouts at him, raising her arm to summon the shards of the Black Heart, only to cast her hand and fling them far away from the tomb!

"No! What have you done?" Jason narrows his eyes at Evil Blackheart, which begin to glow a burning red.

The dark commander sneers at Jason as she answers him. "I've just put them into the hands of the only people you will never be able to take them from!"

"You have done nothing more than delay the outcome of all this." Jason answers calmly. "A pity that without the Black Heart, I have no further use for you..."

Just as it seems Jason is preparing to finish off Evil Blackheart, she uses her own power to break free of Jason's grip and throws open a portal directly beneath him! Jason falls into the portal before he can protest as it closes behind him.

"I won't let your overconfidence jeopardize this entire campaign! That should hold you for a while. Long enough for me to defeat the heroes of Wonder and retrieve the shards of the Black Heart from those who now carry it..."

Back at the Silver Castle, Felicia and the others are sitting around a table discussing what they have learned:

How Keith was actually Felicia disguising herself as a young man to hide from Motrax.

How Blackheart and the dark commander who leads the invasion are two sides of the same person.

The plan to bring Jason Brooks of Triconia, struck down by Quintin during the Chronicle of the Curse, back into existence to spread his evil once again.

Suddenly, Blackheart sees shards of a familiar black gem appear before her! "The Black Heart? It can't be! Why would she send what remains of it here to me? To us?"

"What does this mean?" Felicia asks, looking very concerned.

"It means something has gone wrong with her plan. Perhaps she has already revived Jason, and he tried to take this from her."

"If Jason of Triconia has returned, then we have no choice." Quintin says as he stands up from his seat at the table. "We will need Reflection once again!"

"I was surprised to hear you no longer have the sword." Felicia replies. "Do you remember where you last left it?"

"Of course. It is inside the Hall of Legends. I had used it to seal off a portion of dark power, which would be purified by the sword. It would take time however, and I couldn't keep using it until then."

"It looks like we're going to have to get it, regardless whether or not it is ready for more." Blackheart says with a nod. "My other self will no doubt not want you to have that sword. It's power... could destroy the Black Heart completely!"

"The Black Heart is a part of yourself, isn't it?" Marx asks. "What happens to you if it were to be destroyed?"

"I imagine we go with it. Both of us..." Blackheart looks down sadly, but lifts her head with a look of bravery. "I have to do it! If I have to sacrifice myself to stop my other self... then I will!"

"Then we head for the Hall of Legends." Felicia says, removing a box from underneath her throne and opening it, revealing five different colored gems inside. "We will need these if we are to enter the Hall of Legends unopposed by the ancient heroes who guard its ground."

Felicia hands the first gem, an emerald, to Banshee. "This was once guarded by the fairies of the Fairy Woods. Their leader Dimon was the one I tasked with bringing all five of them to me years ago before the Chronicle of the Curse... and the Tragedy."

Banshee nods and takes the green gem as Felicia hands a ruby to Garog. "My father once tasked the gargonite tribe to protect this one until such a time when the Hall of Legends would be opened again."

"Chieftain Garg gave this to Dimon after he helped us remove the blue drakes from our mines on Stone Mountain. It was the first, and last time I ever saw it." Garog says as he takes the large red gem into his hand.

Felicia hands a sapphire to Princess Ran, who speaks up as she takes it. "I remember this story. I was a child when King Signas trusted my father with keeping this jewel safe. I remember how much trouble I got into when I stole it from the Vault!" Ran says with a laugh. "When Dimon saved my father from the poison Jason used on him, I gave him the sapphire as he requested as a way to thank him."

Felicia looks down and slowly removes an amethyst from the box. She looks around at who to give it to, when Blackheart speaks up.

"I know the story behind that one. It was once protected by the kingdom of Southmarch. Then their King was possessed and driven mad by a Voidspeaker who had posed as his longtime friend and trusted adviser. The curse he placed on them turned the King of Southmarch and his knights into an army of the undead, and the amethyst was thought to be lost, but Dimon somehow managed to find it in the sewers below the kingdom."

"How do you know all of that?" Felicia asks, seemingly impressed at Blackheart's knowledge of Wonder's history.

"My father told me that story. He said it was one of his favorites."

Felicia frowns. "I see." Shaking her head, she gives Blackheart the purple gem and removes the last one, a topaz bright yellow in color.

"My father trusted the safety of this gem to..." tears well up in Felicia's eyes as a painful memory comes to mind. "...Jason of Triconia. I remember when he first came to the Silver Castle, the "hero" of Triconia come to swear fealty to my father, King Signas. Even back then, I could see him for the evil he actually represented. He was the reason I sent Dimon to collect all of the gems. I didn't expect that by doing so, Dimon and I had unintentionally set the events in motion that would lead to the Chronicle of the Curse."

Felicia looks down at the topaz in her hand, then to the others in the room with her. "Who will take this one?"

"You should, Felicia." Quintin answers her. "You may blame yourself for causing the Chronicle of the Curse, for the Tragedy, but they were not your fault. Siryn and I defeated the demon responsible for those events when we sealed the Void Gate on the Dragoon Isles."

"You saw Him?" Felicia looks as if she has become overwhelmed by dread, but it passes as she smiles to Quintin. "You defeated Him. Thank you. To show my gratitude, I will take your advice to heart, and carry the topaz myself!"

"I'll prepare the Silver Knights to march." Marx says as he stands up. "Once Quintin has Reflection, we will have everything we need to end this war!"
The Heroes of Wonder Part 11: The Gemstone Keys
Although all of the Void Gates have been closed, Evil Blackheart has successfully brought Jason Brooks of Triconia back to life! Quintin will need the aid of the other heroes and the keys to the Hall of Legends to retrieve the weapon he used to defeat Jason during the Chronicle of the Curse.
After I went through the trouble of removing the infected files from my computer a while back, some programs had stopped working. I recently decided to delete and reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework and XNA Framework Redistributable to fix the problem that Terraria was not starting up. Not only did doing this make Terraria work again, it made NVidia Geforce Experience, another program that wasn't working for me that I had given up on trying to fix after trying everything else started working again!

This has put me in a really good mood! =D With that taken care of, my computer is back in full working order again!
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Sitting on top of Garog's shoulder, Princess Ran leads the Gargonite tribe, Marx, and Keith to the Tide Throne, the royal hall of the Mir sea elves.

"Here we are boys. The Void Gate is inside somewhere." Ran says pointing to the entrance. "You do have a way of closing it once we find it, right?"

"I know of a way to seal it off." Keith replies. "What we need to know is who will be guarding it. "

"Set up base camp here!" Garog orders the gargonites. The giants begin to set up a barricade lined with catapults on their chieftain's orders.

"Well, ever since it appeared, my people retreated into the sea to find a way to flood it, but I told them I'd find help in getting a more permanent solution. That's why I went to the gargonites for help. I thought maybe it could be blocked with large boulders or smashed or something."

"I don't believe that would have made for a permanent solution either." Marx tells Ran. "The Void Gates are powered by dark magic. Water or rocks would not prevent the Black Void's denizens from using the portal for long. It must be closed either by a Voidbringer or by light based magic."

"Someone's approaching!" Garog shouts, pointing at a group of men dressed in silver armor begin to march toward the makeshift gargonite camp.

"Silver Knights? I thought I told them to go with Quintin to the Dragoon Isles." Marx says, looking confused.

"By order of Queen Felicia, the Tide Throne is off limits to all outsiders." One of the knights says as they draw their swords. "Leave now and no harm will come to you."

"Excuse me? I am Ran, princess of the Mir, and this is MY throne!" Ran shouts back at the knights. "I have more claim to the Tide Throne than Felicia, and she knows that! I demand you let me and my friends pass!"

"Our orders are very clear. No one is to enter." The knight responds, seemingly dismissing the Mir princess.

"If you won't listen to the princess, perhaps you would listen to your commanding officer." Marx speaks up. "If Felicia is here, I order you to send her a message that I have arrived, and I've brought help in sealing the Void Gate."

"Queen Felicia has ordered us-"

"May I make an argument?" Keith interrupts the knights, before tossing a dagger at one of them! As the first knight collapses, the other tries to draw his sword, but is knocked to the ground by Garog's warhammer.

"Now this is more like it!" Garog says with a grin. "If they won't open the doors for us, let's just fight our way in!"

Marx isn't sure what to make of what just happened, but Ran speaks up before he can. "I'd rather not beat down more of the Silver Knights than we have to."

"If it helps, I can tell you these are not really Silver Knights, just as whoever they answer to is not Queen Felicia." Keith replies.

"Well how do you know?" Marx asks him.

"I know, trust me." Keith answers. "Whoever is guarding the Void Gate has used magic to disguise themselves as the Silver Queen and the knights. I have my suspicions about who this really is."

"Is there any way to break this spell? I'd rather know for sure who we're up against." Marx replies.

"There is a way to find out." Ran tells Marx. "The Mirmirror is kept in a vault inside the Tide Throne. If someone is using magic to disguise themself, the Mirmirror can break the illusion and reveal their true self! You go in and start fighting, and then I'll slip in and go into the vault!"

"By yourself? That could be dangerous." Marx tells Ran.

"Oh hush you. You saved me today and I am very grateful, but I am far from helpless." Ran says with a confident smirk.

"I say we go with the Mir princess' plan." Keith says. "If you are concerned for her safety, I will keep an eye on her and make sure she reaches the vault unharmed."

"The entrance to the vault is in an underwater tunnel. Unless you can breathe underwater like me, you'd drown before you make it inside." Ran explains. "There is another door above the water, but it only opens from the inside."

"Then I'll wait for you at that door once you enter the water tunnel." Keith says with a nod. "Either way, we must get the Mirmirror if we are to expose this false queen."

"Someone has to stay and maintain the camp." Marx speaks up. "I'll stay out here until I am needed."

"Miss out on the fight if you want, but I'm going in!" Garog replies, aiming his warhammer at the entrance to the Tide Throne. "Charge!" the chieftain orders as he and the gargonites storm the entrance, knocking away Silver Knights with their clubs and battle hammers. Once the way is clear Ran walks through the entrance with Keith following behind.

Ran leads Keith to the vault's exit door. "Once I get the Mirmirror, I'l come out of the vault through this door. Wait for me here." She tells him, then opens a secret passage leading into a tunnel flooded with water and dives in. The passage closes behind her, and Keith leans against the wall to wait for word from the princess as to what to do next.

Meanwhile, Garog has led the gargonites on the warpath through the halls of the Tide Throne, pushing through Silver Knights with sheer brute force. Once all the knights have been defeated, Garog walks in triumph over to the end of the hall, but stops and looks on in confusion.

"What? This is the end of the hallway, so where is the actual throne room?" The chief asks. "It should be right here! ...shouldn't it?"

More Silver Knights emerge from the entrance to the Tide Throne to attack the gargonite base camp, but are held off by the catapults. Marx notices something unusual about the knights as they are battered by boulders.

"Who are these men? They know I am in the camp with the gargonites, but they keep attacking. They aren't even supposed to be here; they're supposed to be helping my brother. The Silver Knights would not disobey my orders, would they?"

Once reaching the end of the tunnel, Ran opens the vault entrance and goes inside. "Keith, are you there? I made it in."

"Are you all right Ran? Did you find the Mirmirror?" Keith asks, hearing the princess on the other side of the door.

"I'm fine. I've got it right here!" Ran replies. The door makes a few thumping noises before Ran speaks up again. "Oh dang, I should have expected there'd be some kind of problem. Keith, the door won't open! I'm stuck in here!"

Just then, Keith, Ran, and Garog hear Felicia's voice echoing through the halls. "Hear me intruders. I have trapped the Mir princess inside the vault. Lower your weapons and surrender, and no harm will come to her."

"No harm will- HEY!" Ran shouts, angrily pounding on the door. "I'm starting to believe you when you say this isn't Felicia, Keith!"

"I'm starting to believe it as well." Keith hears Marx say, whirling around to see the Sorwin standing before him. "Felicia would never threaten to harm Ran or anyone else to get an enemy to surrender! That's not her way."

Keith looks at the vault door. "Princess Ran, is there no way to get the door open from our side?"

"There is one way, but it's top secret among the Mir, only meant to be used in emergencies." Ran says through the door. "Seeing as me being trapped in here IS an emergency, I'll tell you, but you have to keep it a secret from everyone else! That goes double for you Keith; you look like the thieving type!"

"You won't ever have to worry about me sharing this information with anyone." Keith replies.

"All right, I'll accept that. Besides, you can't open the vault this way unless a second person helps you anyway." Ran says. "There's two room with some pull chains around the corners to the left and right of the vault door. By themselves, they control the Tide Throne's water release valves. If you pull them both at the same time though, the vault door will open for a few seconds. You won't be able to get in before they close again, but I'll be able to get out!"

"I'll take the one on the right. Keith, get the one on the left." Marx commands. The two of them head to each room, finding the pull chains are guarded by more Silver Knights. Keith is quick to dispact the guards with a flurry of knife slashes, while Marx is hesitant for a moment. He narrows his gold eyes at the false knights and takes them all out at once with a single massive slash!

Once the rooms are clear, Marx and Keith each pull on the chains, and the door to the vault opens. Princess Ran is quick to leave the vault before the door closes again, holding the Mirmirror in her hand. Marx and Keith return to the room just as the vault closes behind her, seeing a gargonite approaching.

"Princess, the chieftain cannot find the throne room." the giant reports.

Ran chuckles hearing this. "Did he try the door?" she asks almost condescendingly.

"There is no door." the gargonite replies. "The chieftain asked me to find you so you could open the way before he resorts to knocking down the wall."

"He'd better NOT knock down the wall!" Ran shouts, looking angry. "Take me to your chieftain immediately!"

"Allow me to hold the Mirmirror for you, princess." Keith says. Ran hands him the Mirmirror without reply and follows the gargonite down the hall. Marx and Keith follow behind Ran as she pushes past the gargonite to confront Garog.

"You better not have done any damage to the wall!" Ran shouts at Garog, who looks as though he is about to cower before the angry princess. "First you lock me up, now I hear talk of you planning on causing damage to the Tide Throne!"

"I would not have even considered such a thing without your consent, Princess Ran." Garog replies, clearly sounding afraid despite being much larger than the sea elf. "It's just that I could not find a way through to the throne room."

"You overgrown rockbrain! You always have to smash walls and knock over doors; did it occur to you to simply check to see if the door is unlocked?" Ran chastises Garog before walking up to the wall. "The door is supposed to be right here! Where is it?"

"An illusion, no doubt." Keith replies, holding up the Mirmirror to the wall. In the reflection, the door is shown on the wall, seconds before the real door is revealed.

Ran blushes, turning and looking down at her feet as she approaches Garog. "I think I owe you an apology for the whole 'rockbrain' remark. Thanks for not knocking down the wall."

Garog rubs the back of his head with a sheepish smile. "No no, it's all right. I was just getting confused and frustrated is all. Let's work together from now on!"

Ran smiles. "I'd like that. Now that we've settled that, let's go see who's gone through the trouble of keeping us out!"

Garog is the first to enter the throne room, followed by Ran, Marx, and Keith. Sitting on the throne in front of the Void Gate is none other than Felicia herself! Marx approaches the throne and aims his sword at the Silver Queen.

"You have the power to close this portal Felicia. Why have you left it open?" Marx says in a tone that demands an answer.

"I am the Silver Queen of Wonder! I don't have to explain anything to the likes of you!" Felicia replies, standing up from the throne and holding one of her hands out to the side. A shining silver sword appears out of thin air as Felicia grabs its hilt and leaps down right in the middle of everyone, creating a flash of magical energy that knocks the heroes away from her!

"I am the chieftain of the gargonite tribe! I am not afraid of you!" Garog shouts, swinging his warhammer with all his might at Felicia, but the Silver Queen nimbly jumps away from the impact, dodging a swing from Marx's sword and slashing to parry a knife tossed at her by Keith.

"Press the attack!" Marx commands as he rushes at Felicia, swinging his greatsword with incredible strength and speed, but Felicia somehow manages to parry every blow with her own sword. Felicia turns and aims her sword to strike at Ran, but the Mir princess traps Felicia in a large water bubble and pushes it hard against the wall! Felicia is slammed against the wall next to the Void Gate, but is quick to stand back up, only to get struck in the side of the head by Garog's warhammer, knocking her down as her sword falls to the ground.

"How dare you all betray me!" Felicia shouts, slowly getting to her feet, still wobbling from the blow from Garog's warhammer. "I am Felicia, the Silver Queen of Wonder!"

"No you aren't." Keith says, holding the Mirmirror up to Felicia. Her reflection appears in the Mirmirror, and she changes form before everyone's eyes into Motrax! The evil wizard throws up a magical barrier before anyone can attack him, then stomps his foot angrily.

"How? My plan was perfect! How did you know I wasn't really Felicia?" Motrax cries out in a mix of anger and frustration.

"You couldn't possibly have been Felicia..." Keith says before turning the Mirmirror on himself. The image of the masked warrior fades away, leaving the Silver Queen in its wake! "...because I am Felicia!"

"Queen Felicia? It was you, this whole time?" Marx asks, his eyes wide with surprise. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Motrax attempted to have me captured by some of the phantoms in that first battle. Too bad for them I had already disappeared." Felicia says with a knowing smile to an irate Motrax. "I thought I could stay in disguise and aid in the battle, but the wizard posing as me here at the Tide Throne forced me to reveal my hand."

"You won't get away with this Felicia!" Motrax shouts, his anger still at the boiling point. "You may have won here, but the dark lord will be revived!" Motrax disappears in a burst of flame as Felicia starts to use her magic to seal the Void Gate.
The Heroes of Wonder Part 10: The Silver Queen
Marx and the others go to confront whoever is guarding the Void Gate in the Tide Throne, although they are in for quite a surprise when they find out who it is...
Marx and Keith make their way up the Stone Mountain range on their way to the gargonite strongholds. As they approach, Marx suddenly confronts Keith, a frown on his face.

"I know who you really are, you know."

Keith looks at Marx as though he had just struck him with a sword. "You... you do?"

"King Signas put a bounty on a young masked warrior matching your description during the Chronicle of the Dark Lords." Marx answers him. "You abducted Felicia prior to the battle against Isengo Lavoss, which took place near the Crystal Mountain over there." He points at the Crystal Mountain, which can easily be seen from they are.

"If it had not been for me, Felicia would still have been at the Silver Castle. She too would have been lost to the Tragedy." Keith says, seemingly trying to defend his actions.

"There are some in Wonder who believe you may have been responsible for causing the Tragedy!" Marx says accusingly. "Since you first appeared in the Great Silver Mine, I've been curious to know how much you actually know about where Felicia's current whereabouts are. There's still something you're trying to hide from me."

"You believe I am the one who abducted Felicia during the first battle, is that it?" Keith asks.

"You're the only one besides Motrax who was in that mine with a known history of abducting her." Marx answers, folding his arms. "You claimed you saw Felicia leave through the tunnels leading to the forest clearing, but we have yet to find any trace of her. How can I be sure you were telling the truth?"

"I admit, I lied to you in the mine." Keith says. "I also admit that I am responsible for Felicia being missing currently."

Marx frowns. "I thought as much. Where are you keeping her?"

"Felicia is safe and sound, I assure you. When the time is right, she will come to you herself." Keith says assuringly, although Marx appears to remain unconvinced.

Before Marx can say anything else to Keith, he sees a familiar fairy boy running down the mountain to him and Keith. "Dimon? Is that you? Why are you all the way out here?" Marx asks him.

"Mister Marx? Thank goodness you're here!" the fairy, Dimon, replies upon seeing the Sorwin knight. "I was asked by Princess Ran of the Mir to go with her to seek the aid of the gargonites in dealing with the black door that appeared in the Tide Throne. When we got there, the chieftain Garog agreed to help, but then Queen Felicia arrived and put the gargonites under some kind of spell! I barely escaped, but they locked Princess Ran in the chieftain's quarters!"

"Felicia cast a spell on the gargonites?" Marx replies, turning to look at Keith suspiciously. "Do you know anything about this? I suggest you answer me truthfully!"

"This can't possibly be Felicia. A doppelganger, perhaps? Someone using illusion magic to look like her is also possible." Keith says, sounding absolutely sure. "Whoever it really is must be stopped, but first, we need to find a way to break the gargonites free of the spell this false queen has cast on them."

"I don't know if I believe all that, but we'll know for sure once we reach the chieftain." Marx says, kneeling and placing a hand on Dimon's shoulder. "We'll take it from here. You head back to the Fairy Woods and see if anyone there needs your help."

"Okay." Dimon nods at Marx. "I left Banshee in charge while I was away, so I'm sure everything is fine. If anyone can save the princess, you can! You can do anything!" With that, Dimon takes his leave.

Marx looks ahead and spots a few gargonites gathering on an outcropping nearby, seeing the catapults they have brought with them. "This could be trouble." Marx whispers to Keith before stepping forward, calling out to the stone skin giants. "I am Marx the Mighty. I am here to see Garog, your chief."

"Garog has specifically ordered us to drive anyone who comes here away from the mountain. No exceptions!" One of the gargonites calls down to Marx.

"That's not right. The gargonites have always welcomed the Sorwin to their lands!" Marx shouts back. Instead of a verbal response, the gargonites fire their catapults at Marx and Keith! Keith throws down a smoke bomb and vanishes before the boulders come crashing down, but Marx finds himself dodging from side to side to avoid getting smashed by the falling rocks!

With no other options available to him, Marx raises his sword and slams it down into the ground, blasting the gargonites and their catapults from below with a geyser of water! Several more gargonites begin to charge down the mountain armed with clubs, rocks, and their own fists, attempting to surround Marx, but the knight swings his sword in a way that pulls all of the attacking giants into a wave of water that splashes down the mountain behind him! When even more gargonites come down the mountain to attack him, Marx does the same thing again, knocking them away with waves of magical water from his enchanted sword.

Finally, Garog himself appears, carrying the Warhammer of the Gargonite Chieftain. Marx recognizes the metal plated dragon's skull that serves as the head of the hammer from when he first saw it used by Chieftain Garg in his youth. Garog looks down at Marx and scowls at the Sorwin. "Why have you come here? The Stone Mountains are off limits to all but the gargonites!"

"I came here to ask for your aid in reaching the Void Gate that opened inside the Tide Throne of the Mir." Marx replies, holding his sword out at Garog threateningly. "Now I learn that you have imprisoned the Mir princess for attempting the same thing! Release Ran or I will come up there and fight you to free her!"

"You think you can stand up to me?" Garog asks, leaping down from his high ground to where Marx is standing, landing with a slam that causes the ground to quake, causing Marx to slightly lose his balance as the chieftain gets to his feet. "The elven princess is my prisoner. She will help me deal with the Silver Kingdom you keep trying to defend, oblivious to its corruption!"

"I will say it once more, Garog." Marx responds in a firm tone. "Release Princess Ran, or I will!"

"A fight it is, then!" Garog replies, swinging his warhammer at Marx, but the Sorwin parries the blow. Fire sprays from Garog's hammer, but water sprays from Marx's sword, extinguishing the flames as fast as they can ignite.

"What manner of weapon is that?" Garog looks at the sword, noticing the markings on the hilt. "The elves crafted this sword for you, didn't they? Why send you and not one of their own to save their princess?"

"I crafted this sword. The Mir enchanted it for me." Marx answers as both weapons clash with each other, fire and water cascading in all directions around their fight. "It would seem we're evenly matched."

"You fight well for one of the Silver Kingdom's lackeys!" Garog says in agreement. "I... I think I'm actually getting tired."

"Sorwin do not tire in battle. You know this, don't you Garog?" Marx says, a knowing smirk on his face. Sure enough, Marx is starting to win the power struggle against the gargonite chieftain.

Garog breaks off his fight with Marx and starts to run back up the mountain with surprising speed! Once he has returned to the chieftain's stronghold, the stone doors slam shut behind him.

"Not even a Sorwin can break through the doors of a gargonite stronghold!" Garog shouts back at Marx. "We can hold this mountain keep against an army! What chance do you have?"

Keith reappears behind Marx, who turns and aims his sword at the masked figure. "You could have done something to help me, you know!" Marx says to Keith, who walks around the sword and past Marx, pointing to the catapults.

"I did. I infiltrated the chieftain's stronghold to find Princess Ran." Keith replies. "She is too heavily guarded for us to fight our way to her, but there is another solution. There are mind breakers inside the chieftain's hold. If we can destroy them, Garog and the others will return to their senses. The door is closed and sealed right now, but we can use those to open it."

"You take control of the catapults and get that door open then." Marx turns and makes his way toward the chieftain's stronghold as Keith goes to operate the gargonite catapults, turning them to aim at the door.

"Last chance Garog. Open the door and release the Mir princess!" Marx shouts through the stone door. When there is no reply, he gives Keith the signal to fire. It only takes a couple of boulders lobbed at the door by the Gargonites' own siege weapons to smash it open. Marx is quick to enter, sending a tidal wave of water out with his sword to knock Garog and the other giants out of his way.

"There!" Marx shouts, spotting the two ghostly figures controlling the gargonites, mind breakers from the Black Void. The Sorwin sets upon them quickly, taking out both of them in a single arcing slash before they can concentrate on defending themselves. As they vanish into black and red smoke, the gargonites look around, as if confused.

"Where did Felicia go?" Garog asks, looking around as though he were unsure of where he was. When he sees Marx, his eyes widen. "Marx the Mighty! It is good to see you, friend!"

"It is good to see you again, as well." Marx replies with a knowing smile. "I'm afraid you were put under a mind breaker's spell. You are holding Princess Ran of the Mir as a prisoner."

"I am?" Garog looks a bit embarrassed by the situation. "I remember telling Ran I would send the gargonites to the Tide Throne to help however we can. In fact, the last thing I remember after that was Felicia arriving. I asked her why she was here, but everything after that is fuzzy at best."

Garog gives the gargonite guards a hand gesture signaling for them to open the prison door. Once the door is open, Princess Ran steps out of the cell, smiling at the sight of Marx. "You! You really came to save me?" she asks before leaping into the Sorwin's arms and embracing him in a hug. "I should have known you'd come. You've always been my hero!"

Ran lets go of Marx and turns to Garog, looking at him as if she were about to pout at him. Garog rubs the back of his head. "Uhh, sorry about that whole, 'locking you up' thing. I wasn't in control of my actions."

Ran folds her arms. "Uh huh. My fin you weren't in control! First you agreed to help me, then you scare away Dimon and lock me up! All because you get mad at the sight of Felicia! Hmmph!"

"You say you saw Felicia?" Keith asks the Mir princess, who nods in reply.

"She said she wasn't going to let me or anyone else close the Void Gate."

"That doesn't sound like something Felicia would do." Marx responds.

"Felicia is guarding the Void Gate? This treachery against Wonder won't stand!" Garog shouts. "Princess Ran, I already agreed to aid you and the Mir at the Tide Throne before this incident occurred. Let us go with you!"

"You do owe me after locking me up." Ran says with a smirk. "Very well. You and the gargonites can serve me in retaking the Tide Throne. Marx, you and..." Ran looks at Keith confusingly. "...whoever that is, you'll help too, won't you?"

"Absolutely." Marx replies.

"I am going as well." Keith answers. "The one guarding the Void Gate is NOT Felicia, I assure you. Take me there, and I will show you the truth."
The Heroes of Wonder Part 9: Water and Fire
Marx and Keith's quest to recruit the gargonites becomes a rescue mission when they find that their chieftain has locked up Princess Ran of the Sea Elves. Who or what is behind this change in attitude of the stone giants?
After I went through the trouble of removing the infected files from my computer a while back, some programs had stopped working. I recently decided to delete and reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework and XNA Framework Redistributable to fix the problem that Terraria was not starting up. Not only did doing this make Terraria work again, it made NVidia Geforce Experience, another program that wasn't working for me that I had given up on trying to fix after trying everything else started working again!

This has put me in a really good mood! =D With that taken care of, my computer is back in full working order again!
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