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"As far as my examination can tell, Blazer transforming into a girl has not resulted in any other abnormal side effects." Professor Utonium tells the Powerpuff Girls, having finished running several tests on Blazer in the lab.

"He can't fly anymore though." Bubbles says. "Can you give Blazer his... I mean her powers back?"

"That's the strangest part. Technically, Blazer should still have all of her powers." the Professor replies, showing the girls a recording of Blazer as a girl still demonstrating her super strength and firing lasers from her eyes. "The only super power she seems to have lost is flying."

"Couldn't you use Chemical X to give Blazer his... I mean her flight back?" Blossom asks.

"Unfortunately, I can't do that." Professor explains. "Blazer's Chemical X levels have been unaltered by the change, and if I gave her more, it could mutate her! We don't want to create another Imposter, do we?"

The girls all think of Imposter, the Powerpuff Girl clone dressed in red who looks just like Blossom... until she turns into a hideous feral monster with insectoid eyes, sharpened teeth, grey skin and four arms!

"No, we definitely DON'T wanna do that." Buttercup replies.

"Especially not to Blazer. He, I mean she doesn't deserve that." Blossom adds.

"There might be another way to help Blazer though." Bubbles says. "The only power Blazer lost is flight. What if we gave her shoes with jet thrusters in them?"

"That could actually work, and I happen to have some jet thrusters available." Professor says, nodding and pulling some mechanical parts from the desk. "I originally designed these for the Dy.Na.Mo., but I could make a smaller pair of jet powered shoes for Blazer to wear."

"Okay, you get those shoes ready for Blazer, and we'll go search for Sydney!" Blossom says. "Let's go girls!"

"You go ahead, I'm gonna stay here." Bubbles replies, holding up a brush and some makeup.

"Oh no, you're planning on dolling Blazer up, aren't you?" Buttercup asks. "No offense, but this isn't exactly the best time to give her a makeover."

"Blazer's a girl now. If she's going to be out in public with us, she can't look like a mess can she?" Bubbles asks, looking right at Blossom. "She's going to be representing us, the Powerpuff Girls! If she looks bad, we all will!"

Blossom sighs. "I hate to say it, but Bubbles is right about that. All right, you can stay and make sure Blazer is ready to head out, but try to be quick about it."

Blossom and Buttercup leave the lab and fly off in search of the thief, while Bubbles squeals with joy! Blazer follows Bubbles up to the girls' bedroom, a nervous smile on her face as Bubbles sits her down on a chair and begins to brush her hair.

"Well, you did a good job on my hair before I turned into a girl." Blazer says. "This shouldn't be too bad."

"I need you to hold still." Bubbles says, applying some makeup to Blazer's face. "Just need to add some blush, and done!"

Bubbles holds a mirror up to show Blazer her face now. "I look more like I'm going on a date than searching for a criminal." Blazer comments.

"Oh, that reminds me. You can't go flying around Townsville dressed like a boy!" Bubbles says, zooming around Blazer in a high speed flash of blue light. When Bubbles is finished, Blazer finds herself wearing a dress just like Bubbles', but orange in color. "All done! Professor, come look at Blazer now! She looks much better!"

The Professor comes into the room, holding a pair of modified Mary-Janes. "I finished the flying shoes for you Blazer. I see Bubbles has finished cleaning you up and dressing you. You look... quite nice actually." Professor smiles awkwardly as he says this.

"It's all right Professor, I feel much better now. At least this way I won't look strange." Blazer says, taking another look at herself in the mirror as she puts on the shoes. "Well, no stranger than I already do. I'll feel even better when we catch the thief and figure out how to change me back."

"If we hurry, we can catch up to Blossom and Buttercup!" Bubbles says, taking off in a flash of blue light. Blazer looks down at the jet shoes, a puzzled look on her face.

"Well, aren't you going to follow her?" Professor asks Blazer. "I know you're probably worried about being seen in Townsville like this, but you and the girls have been in worse situations before."

"No, that's not it. Bubbles did a great job." Blazer says, shaking her head. "It's just that I don't know how the shoes work. How do I take off?"

"Oh! Right, of course!" Professor says, smiling with a "Why didn't I think of that?" expression. "Just click the heels together to take off. Steering should be just like you normally would when flying, and the shoes will deactivate on their own when you land."

"Okay! Thanks Professor!" Blazer says, clicking her heels together to activate the jet shoes, then flying off after Bubbles.
Blazer's Girl Problem: Part 2
Having lost his flying powers, Blazer (now a girl) gets some help in the form of the Professor's scientific talent... and a makeover from Bubbles!
Things aren't going well in Townsville lately. A series of robberies have been going down, and not even the Powerpuff Girls have found any clues as to who the thief is or where the stolen items have been taken!

"Well, the Emerald Pickle has definitely been stolen, but how?" Blossom says, examining the empty display case shown to her by the distressed Mayor. "I thought the security for it would be very tight. Impenetrable even."

"That's the crazy thing. The security is the tightest possible!" The Mayor replies. "Whoever stole it is a master thief! The cameras didn't pick up anything, the guards claim to have seen no one, and no alarms were tripped!"

Blossom looks at Bubbles and Buttercup, who both shrug at her. "I haven't found any clues." Buttercup says with a shrug. "This thief did a really good job of covering his tracks."

"I think the Mayor's right. This is the fifth high value robbery this week with no clues!" Bubbles shouts. "You would think we would have found something by now!"

"I asked Blazer to check out some of the top thieves in Townsville, but so far he can't figure out if any of them did it either." Blossom tells Bubbles.

"You're thinkin' it might not be one of our regulars?" Buttercup asks.

"That's exactly what I'm thinking!" Blossom answers with a nod. "This has to be the work of someone even we haven't caught before. Maybe even someone new to Townsville."

"Well whoever did it, I hope you can catch him, and soon!" The Mayor says. "Who knows what else this thief will end up stealing before they're caught?"

While the Powerpuff Girls continue to investigate the scene of the latest robbery, Blazer is flying over the city looking just as confused as the others. "No sign of the stuff that was reported stolen at any of the usual suspects' hideouts. I'll check in with the girls and see if they've found anything."

Minutes later, after Blazer arrives at the Townsville Art Gallery, Blossom nods with a smile. "We've got one clue that helps us. The thief is after priceless objects that are usually kept under very tight security."

"You do know how little that narrows it down, right?" Buttercup asks, rolling her eyes at Blossom. "We didn't have any suspects before, and we still don't have any now."

"Maybe not, but now we have an idea on who we should look for." Blossom replies, nodding. "I asked the Mayor what the four most valuable things a thief might try to steal are. We're going to stake out those spots and watch for any suspicious looking people."

"Sounds good. Which one should I keep an eye on?" Blazer asks.

"The Lunar Crystal exhibit. Bubbles, you keep an eye on the Ruby Fox, Buttercup, you guard the Bronze Effigy of Talos, and I'll make sure no one steals the Ring of the Ebony Flame.

The Powerpuff Girls and Blazer split up to keep watch over each of the valuables. One of these is sure to be targeted by this master thief. Unfortunately, by the time Bubbles reaches the pedistal where the Ruby Fox is kept, it is already gone!

"What? How did-? Where did-?" Bubbles looks around confused, until she spots a woman in the shadows dart around a corner. "I saw the thief! It's a lady! She's heading into a back alley!" She shouts to Blossom, Buttercup, and Blazer.

Buttercup zooms around the corner. "We've got her cornered! Good work Bubbles!" she says as she flies into the alley, but doesn't see anyone. Blossom and Blazer fly into the alley to help, but they don't see the thief either.

"Where did she go?" Blossom asks, looking up at a nearby fire escape on one of the buildings, but no sign of anyone having gone that way.

"There, the sewer!" Blazer says, pointing at an open manhole. "I'll find her!"

"Blazer wait!" Blossom shouts, but is too late as Blazer zooms into the sewer in a flash of orange light.

"What is it Blossom?" Bubbles asks. "Do you think Blazer is being lured into a trap?"

"No, but it smells horrible down there!" Blossom replies. "I was going to suggest he take something to block the stench."

Blazer zooms through the sewer, spraying the walls with icky water as he zips past. "Where is she... there!" Blazer spots the thief climbing out of the sewer. "Looks like she made a mistake. That hole leads into another dead end alleyway!"

The thief slams the sewer lid shut behind her and starts to run out of the alley, but Blazer bursts out through another sewer hole and blocks her escape route!

"Nowhere left for you to run! Drop the Ruby Fox and surrender!" Blazer orders the thief, who he can now see is a thin woman in her early twenties with long black hair tied in a ponytail. She is dressed in a black sports top that bares her midriff, white gloves that cover her hands, and dark grey sweat pants with black boots.

"You think you can catch me, little boy?" the thief asks, tossing the bag with the Ruby Fox aside and taking a fighting stance. "I'm the greatest thief in the world, capable to stealing anything from anyone! No one has ever caught me before! I steal and slip into the shadows, and nobody ever sees me... until now. Name's Sydney."

"Well Sydney, I guess there's a first time for everything." Blazer says, landing on the ground and taking his own fighting stance. "Fancy yourself a martial artist eh? I've had some great teachers. Show me what you can do."

Sydney attacks Blazer with a series of punches and kicks while maintaining a perfect defense! Blazer can only block her strikes, but holds his ground to keep her from escaping the alleyway he has her cornered in.

"Can't find an opening. You're really good!" Blazer comments out loud. "Who is your trainer?"

"I wasn't trained. I stole these moves from CQC fighters in the military!" Sydney replies, suddenly grabbing Blazer by the arm and pulling him down to the ground! The master thief presses her knee against Blazer's back, pinning him to the street. "You're not too bad yourself, kid. Too bad for you I steal from the best!"

Sydney prepares an open palm strike with the intention of hitting Blazer in the head to knock him out, when Blazer suddenly breaks free by flying straight up into the air! Blazer sees her run back into the alley to retrieve the bag with the Ruby Fox inside, but Blazer fires his eye lasers at the ground in front of her.

"You're way too good to have just copied those moves. Someone must have trained you." Blazer comments as he hovers in the air out of Sydney's reach. "Doesn't matter now. Soon as the Powerpuff Girls find us, you're going straight to jail! There's no escape!"

Sydney grins wickedly at Blazer. "There's always an escape." She says, her eyes suddenly starting to give off a blue sparkling light. Blazer looks at her, a confused expression on his face as his own eyes give off a sparkling pink light, just before a blinding flash of white fills the alleyway! Once the light fades, Blazer sees a young muscular man with long dark hair in a ponytail dressed in Sydney's clothes in the alleyway!

"What? Who are you?" Blazer asks in a voice that is clearly not his own. "My voice! What did you do?"

"I told you already; I'm a master thief, capable of stealing anything." Sydney says, now in a masculine voice. "I've not only stolen your gender, I've also stolen some of your powers!" she (now he) explains, suddenly zooming off in a flash of orange light!

"How did you - hey, come back!" Blazer shouts, trying to take off after him, but finds that he (now she) can't fly after Sydney! The Powerpuff Girls land in the alley a moment later, Bubbles seeing the bag with the Ruby Fox on the ground.

"You did it Blazer! You saved the Ruby Fox from being stolen!" Bubbles says, looking over at Blazer, her happy face changing to one of confusion. "Wait, who's that?"

"Is this the thief you saw Bubbles?" Buttercup asks, looking at the girl with the short strawberry blonde hair. "Why is she dressed just like Blazer?"

"Because I AM Blazer!" Blazer replies, pointing up at the sky. "The thief is named Sydney. She... I mean he stole my powers from me and turned me into a girl and flew away!"

"Whoa." Is all Buttercup can think to say after hearing this explanation. "How the heck could this have happened?"

"We'd better take Blazer home to the Professor." Blossom says. "Maybe he can think of a way to fix... uh, her?"

"I can't fly anymore." Blazer tells Blossom. "I need you to carry me there."

Blossom nods and lifts Blazer, cradling her in her arms as she takes off with Bubbles and Buttercup in a flash of pink light.

"This is really embarrassing." Blazer says.

"Being a girl isn't that bad." Blossom tells Blazer, trying to reassure her.

"I mean the part about not being able to fly." Blazer replies. "I can't believe I have to be carried to your house!"

"Oh right. That." Blossom says, smiling nervously.

"Don't worry Blazer, I'm sure the Professor can change you back to normal." Bubbles tells her.

"If not, maybe he can still give you your powers back." Buttercup mentions. "That way you can still be a Powerpuff Girl with us."

Blazer gives a worried look to the girls. "Well, at least there's a silver lining." she says.

Back at her (now his) hideout, Sydney is looking over plans for the next heist, making alterations now that he can fly.

"I may not have been able to steal the Ruby Fox, but Blazer's ability to fly will prove to be more valuable to me anyway." He says, a sneer on his face as he grabs an empty tote bag and flies into the air in a streak of orange light.
Blazer's Girl Problem: Part 1
Blazer helps the Powerpuff Girls try to solve a series of high profile robberies in Townsville. Little does he know, this new master thief in Townsville is capable of stealing absolutely anything!
Blazer's Girl Problem by RCBlazer
Blazer's Girl Problem
Here is the headline picture for my next fan fiction based on the 2016 Powerpuff Girls!

Blazer almost catches a master thief answering to the name of Sydney, when she suddenly steals Blazer's ability to fly and his Y Chromosome, turning him into a girl! Can the Powerpuff Girls help catch Sydney and turn Blazer back to normal, or will Blazer end up becoming the newest Powerpuff Girl?
PPZ3 Toriel by RCBlazer
PPZ3 Toriel
I am currently working on a PPZ3 video request from :iconhubadubatron: which was essentially a Story Mode, but based on Undertale. Here is who will be the first opponent, Toriel in Powerpuff Z 3!

I'm submitting this because I want to make sure I got her to look right. Please, comment and let me know how I did.
Settling the Score by RCBlazer
Settling the Score
"You jerk!" Bubbles shouts, punching Boomer and giving him a black eye! The last thing she remembered was Boomer absorbing her! "You don't really love me, you just wanted to power yourself up by stealing my powers!"

Boomer wasn't sure what to say. He had agreed to absorb the Powerpuff Girls along with his brothers in order to become the PowerRowdyruff Boys, then destroyed nearly all of Townsville. All so he could help Brick and Butch fight the Powerpuff Paragon of Destruction, who somehow managed to free Bubbles! "Would it help if I said I have a small crush on you?" Boomer asks.

"I'll 'crush' you!" Bubbles shouts, ready to fight! Nearby, Brick and Butch glare at Blazer, Brick taking a moment to brush his hair back.

"Good for you. You beat Boomer." Brick says, insincerity dripping from his voice. "If any of us were going to be defeated in these new bodies, it was gonna be him anyway. Butch and I can still take you down!"

"You both intend to fight me together then?" Blazer asks.

"You and I still have a score to settle Blazer. Now that we're at our most powerful, this is a chance I'm not passing up!" Brick replies.

"I'm afraid you've gone too far this time." Blazer says, glaring at Brick and Butch. "There will be no imprisonment or depowering when I defeat you, only destruction!"

"You haven't beaten us yet!" Butch shouts, trying in vain to think of an attack that might actually work on Blazer. Without Boomer, does he and Brick still even have a chance against the Powerpuff Paragon of Destruction?

This is a small excerpt from the final chapter of the Paragon saga. Can the Powerpuff Paragon of Destruction save the Powerpuff Girls, who have been absorbed by the PowerRowdyruff Boys just so they would stand a fighting chance against him?
A good friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous) made me a new dA avatar for 2016! Thanks so much! :hug:

Blazer's eyes are supposed to blink, but I had to shrink down the file size so dA would accept it (the avatar picture couldn't be larger than 15kbs :hmm:) Still, I am very grateful!
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