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Taking a Brick to Hypnosis by RCBlazer
Taking a Brick to Hypnosis
A followup comic to the story in Butch and Boomer Get Hypnotized requested by :iconkingofthedragons1: It seems that although it is very easy to put Butch and Boomer under a hypnotic spell, it's even easier to break them from it. :lol:

Brick, Boomer, and Butch by :iconcmcc:
Where Townsville once stood, only ruins now remain. Blazer looks grimly down at the ruins of the city he once defended with his powers as a Rowdyruff Boy, but has now oblitherated with his new powers as the Powerpuff Paragon of Destruction. Blackheart appears next to Blazer, looking sadly at him.

"This is what you are afraid of happening, isn't it?" Blackheart asks. "Without any control over yourself, this is what awaits Townsville if you try to go back. You have to train harder with Neville and Lillum; they can help you."

"Isn't it already too late for that?" Blazer responds with a question of his own, looking forlorn. "Townsville's completely gone; I made sure of that."

"What, you mean this illusory Townsville?" Blackheart says, smiling reassuringly at Blazer. "Not to worry, you haven't destroyed any actual cities. Not yet anyway."

Blazer looks confused. "Wait what? You're telling me this isn't real? Am I dreaming?"

"No, this isn't a dream. It's more like a projection, kinda like your training room is able to create." Blackheart starts to explain. "Any actions you take here will not have any lasting consequences. It's a power I have as the Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow."

"Even still, witnessing Townsville's end at my own hands... it's still not easy to look at." Blazer replies, lowering his head. When he does, he sees a glowing spot in the ruins, constantly changing color as it bursts out of the rubble in a flash, flying up to Blazer and staring right at him!"

Blackheart looks completely shocked by what she is seeing. "What? How did he survive that?"

"I'm a lot tougher than I look, and I look pretty tough already!" Beefcake says, staring right at Blazer the whole time he is answering Blackheart. "Do you know how many minutes it's going to take me to put Townsville back together again after what you did to it Blazer?"

"No, I get it now. This Townsville isn't real..." Blazer looks at Beefcake and frowns. "...and neither are you."

"Not real eh?" Beefcake asks, smirking. "If I weren't real, could I do this?" Beefcake then slams his hands together, creating a thunderous wave that blows Blazer backward, but he is quick to recover.

"Blazer, something's wrong. Beefcake is supposed to be part of the illusion, but he's still here." Blackheart warns her fellow Paragon. "He is actually a fusion of the fusions of the Powerpuff Girls, the Rowdyruff Boys, and the Powerpunk Girls."

"That's right, no matter what kind of new power you have now, you're still no match for me!" Beefcake boasts, flexing his arms at Blazer and Blackheart. "So, which one of you wants to go first?"

"I'll handle this." Blazer says, glaring at Beefcake. "Not sure why three guys and six girls fuse into a guy, but he should still make a great practice dummy for my Paragon form."

"Let's see what you got then!" Beefcake makes the first move, rushing Blazer and attacking with a flurry of haymaker punches, all of which Blazer dodges and blocks while flying up with Beefcake. Blazer seemingly disappears as Beefcake throws another punch at him, reappearing behind Beefcake in a passive stance.

"Fusing nine Powerpuffs into one has resulted in an incredibly strong warrior, but even that can't compare to the power of a Paragon." Blazer explains to Beefcake. "Right now, I'm not just in my own world, I've been catapulted into my own universe. To think I could never reach this level of strength on my own; even I'm afraid of what I am capable of now."

"Then let's see how powerful you really are!" Beefcake shouts, firing his eyebeams at Blazer, who vanishes before they can hit him. Blazer reappears directly in front of Beefcake, disappearing again as the fusion Powerpuff throws a kick that hits thin air. "Cut it out! Fight me for real already!"

"If that's what you want." Blazer says, reappearing right where he was directly in front of Beefcake, now in a fighting stance. Beefcake throws a punch aimed at Blazer's head, and his fist collides with his target's face, sending a sonic boom reverberating all through the ruins of the city of Townsville!

Blazer doesn't even budge.

"Wh-what?!?" Beefcake pulls back his fist, realizing that his arm is suddenly on fire! As he blows on his arm to put it out, Blazer pokes Beefcake in the chest, which doesn't even look like a real attack, but it sends him flying back at high speed! Blazer disappears again, moving at such a high speed that Beefcake doesn't even see that Blazer is now right behind him, and attacks by placing a hand on Beefcake's shoulder.

Despite this looking like a harmless gesture, Beefcake cries out in pain and crashes down into the rubble below! Even Blackheart is surprised to see this happen. "Incredible! Blazer might even be more powerful than I am!" She says in awe.

"I gotta admit, I feel like I am starting to lose control again." Blazer replies, his fists trembling. "This power... it may be way too much for me!"

"That's funny, because I feel fine!" Blackheart and Blazer hear Beefcake say as he emerges from the ruins, still looking ready to fight. "That last move really knocked me for a loop, but I seem able to recover from injury a lot faster now!"

"So it would seem." Blazer says, smirking at Beefcake. "You may be an illusion created in my head, but I'd rather not just destroy you. You should go away, or disappear, or whatever while I can still maintain control over my actions."

"Yeah, I'm not gonna do that." Beefcake says, aiming his arms at Blazer as tremendous energy starts to build up around him. "Let's see if you can stand up to my best move!"

Blackheart gasps and prepares to raise a shield to protect Blazer, but Blazer raises his hand in protest, shaking his head. "No, let him fire."

"Blazer, this may only be an illusion, but it can still hurt you!" Blackheart starts to argue, but is quick to fly up higher to avoid what's coming. "Don't say I didn't warn you!"

"Ballistic Starburst Showstopper!" Beefcake shouts, firing a tremendous missile of multicolored energy at Blazer with a trail of light that changes colors rapidly. Blazer folds his arms and looks nonchalantly at the wave of devastation headed right for him...

"Warn me about what?" Blazer says as he flies right into the blast! Beefcake detonates the missile just as Blazer impacts with it, but is stunned when Blazer flies right through the explosion and delivers an explosive kick to Beefcake's head! An audible snap is heard as the fusion Powerpuff goes limp and collapses to the ground, his body paralyzed from the blow!

"How the heck did he do that?" Beefcake asks as Blazer raises one of his arms, producing a glowing ball of energy that he then tosses at Beefcake like a dodgeball. The ball explodes in a tremendous blast that dispells the illusory Townsville entirely, leaving Blazer and Blackheart standing in a plane of shadows in all directions.

"You destroyed the illusion." Blackheart says, looking a bit worried. "I didn't think you could destroy something that wasn't real in the first place."

"Why does it matter?" Blazer asks, looking confused. "It's not like I caused any actual damage, right?"

"It would seem there really was no way to separate Beefcake after all." Blackheart says, looking worried. "I would have thought that if he were destroyed, he would just become Beauty, Bigshot, and Bizarre again, but no you wiped him out completely!"

"Of course I did. I'm the Powerpuff Paragon of Destruction." Blazer reminds her.

"Indeed you are." Blackheart says with a nod. "Try and get some rest, okay? Train with Neville and Lillum as much as you can. With their help, you can control this power!"

"I just want it gone." Blazer says, looking sad. "This Paragon form has done nothing but cause me problems. I'm better off without it."

"Trust me Blazer. Continue your training with the divines." Blackheart says, her body starting to fade into the shadows around them. "You can learn to do more than just control your Paragon form, but you have to be willing to learn."

As Blackheart disappears completely, Blazer finds himself back in the strange realm that Neville and Lillum call their home. "Do more than just control my Paragon form? Is that possible?" Blazer wonders to himself aloud. A look of determination appears on his face. "All right! No matter what, I'm going to do more than take control of myself as the Powerpuff Paragon of Destruction! I will rise above it if I have to!

"Good, you're awake." Neville says, handing Blazer an orange cloaked robe with a black trim. "My wife took the liberty of making some clean clothes for you to wear today, so get changed and meet us when you're ready."

"Yes sir!" Blazer says, nodding as he takes the robe from the archangel, prepared for his second day of training as the Powerpuff Paragon of Destruction.
Final Fusion: Part 5
Beefcake's power is off the scale, but it will be put to the ultimate test against the Powerpuff Paragon of Destruction! On top of all this, his own existence comes into question...
Over at the Townsville Harbor, a massive crab like monster has emerged from the water and started scuttling over ships on the docks, when Beauty arrives and lifts it high into the air. Spotting a pirate ship far off at sea, Beauty tosses the monster crab at a high trajectory at it. The monster lands right on the pirate ship and sinks it, so Beauty flies over and pulls all of the pirates out of the water and drops them off on the pier where police officers are quick to arrest them.

"Well, that's thirty more crimes stopped in just a few minutes." Beauty says with a proud smile. "I think I earned a bit of rest."

"Hey, why don't you try picking on someone your own size?" A different, yet familiar male voice is heard shouting at her. Beauty looks in the direction the voice came from, spotting Bigshot floating in the air above the water.

"You guys fused into a perfect Rowdyruff Boy?" Beauty says, looking at Bigshot with an expression of surprise and confusion.

"That's right! Now I'm the Bigshot of Townsville!" the perfect Rowdyruff shouts back, firing his eyebeams across the ground at Beauty. The Powerpuff Girl flies into the air as the lasers cut through the docks, retaliating with her own lasers, but Bigshot swats them away easily.

Beauty flies at Bigshot and the two of them begin a high speed fight, trading punches and kicks while flying all around Townsville. Bigshot lands a kick, but then Beauty lands a left hook. Beauty throws Bigshot into an alleyway, knocking over some dumpsters, but then dodges a dumpster thrown at her by Bigshot. Bigshot and Beauty fire more lasers at each other while dodging each others shots, causing the lasers to strike buildings, cars, signs, and billboards all over Townsville!

"It seems like we're pretty evenly matched." Bigshot says to Beauty.

"Seems that way." Beauty replies. "So what happens now? The two of us just going to fight like this until the collateral damage leave Townsville in ruins? I don't want that!"

"You could always give up." Bigshot tells her, shrugging his shoulers.

"Why would I do that when I'm clearly winning?" Beauty asks, resuming the fight with a kick that Bigshot blocks, followed by blocking his counter punch. As they start trading more blows at high speed, they are suddenly interrupted by another color changing streak of light that strikes both of them by surprise! Both Beauty and Bigshot stop their descent without crashing before looking up to see their new attacker.

"Is this a bad time? I could leave the two of you alone to make out some more." Bizarre says with a mocking grin. "Though I am going to criticize and say you're doing it wrong. I mean, out here in public, where everyone can see you?"

"First of all, we are not making out." Beauty responds. "Second, even if we were, you're one to talk about being seen in public when you're barely wearing any clothes!"

"What's wrong with what I've got on?" Bizarre asks with a shrug, turning to reveal the back revealing string strap of her half tank top, then turning back with a wide grin. "I see your boyfriend likes it."

"What? He is NOT my boyfriend!" Beauty stammers, looking over at Bigshot, who is merely grinning at the two girls.

"Oh don't mind me ladies. Please continue." Bigshot says, a pervy smile on his face. "I wouldn't mind watching a good catfight."

"Sorry, but no sale." Beauty says, grabbing Bigshot by the leg and swinging him upwards, tossing him at Bizarre. Bigshot reorients himself, but is then kicked in the head by the Powerpunk Girl.

"I agree. Two at a time is definitely more fun." Bizarre says with a twisted, almost playful smile as she throws a punch at Bigshot, only for him to dodge the punch and hit her with a side kick. Beauty joins the fight, punching at Bigshot and kicking at Bizarre as the already massive fight between two fused perfect Powerpuffs escalates with a third one thrown into the free for all! Every hit sends a shockwave through the air that shatters the windows of nearby skyscrapers as multicolored beams of light rain down into the streets of Townsville.

The panicked citizens get out of their cars and run for the nearest shelter. "What's going on? Is this the end of the world?"

Bigshot is kicked in the back by Beauty and flies forward right into the arms of Bizarre, who grabs him tightly in a bear hug.

"Oh my, what big muscles you have." Bizarre says, sounding as though she is flirting with Bigshot even as she attempts to squeeze the life out of him!

"The better to break this hold and punch you in the face with, my dear!" Bigshot replies, flexing his arms out to escape the bear hug, then punching Bizarre in the face just like he said he would. Beauty attacks Bigshot with a punch from behind, but the Rowdyruff Boy turns and blocks the punch as the two of them begin to fight some more. Bizarre reaches into her top and removes the spherical fusion device while the other two are distracted with each other.

"Looks like I might need this after all." Bizarre says, examining the buttons on the side. "Which one of these rever-"

Bizarre is cut off when a kick from Bigshot knocks Beauty into her from behind, causing her to drop the device on the ground, which lands on its start button and activates!

"Isn't that the?" Beauty asks, seeing the device used by the young Powerpuff scientist to create her from Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup before. "What have you done?"

"Whoa, you don't suppose it's about to fuse all of us together?" Bigshot asks. "Imagine how strong we'll be then!"

"Become part of the both of you? That's not what I was planning!" Bizarre asks. "I never even got to have any real fun yet!"

Beauty, Bigshot, and Bizarre are all transformed into multicolored lights that are drawn into the sphere, which begins to shake and buzz angrily. One of lights marked "OVERLOAD" begins blinking red just before the device explodes in a dome of white light!

When the white light finally fades, a long figure is now floating above the ground. It appears to be a full grown man in amazing physical shape, dressed in a green tank top, blue pants, and red armbands. He has spiky white hair, and like Beauty, Bigshot, and Bizarre before him, his eyes are constantly changing color.

This new person looks down at his arms, grinning widely. "Whoa ho ho! My arms are huge now! This is awesome!" He says, looking at the rest of himself. "Kinda surprised I became a guy when six of the nine kids that fused to make me were girls. Eh, I'm not gonna complain; I look crazy strong now!"

The ultimate fusion of the Powerpuff Girls, Rowdyruff Boys, and Powerpunk Girls begins to think to himself. "The first name to come to mind for me is Beefcake, being as how big and buff I am now. Yeah, think I'll go with that!"

Beefcake looks around at the wreckage of the streets and buildings that was once Townsville and sighs. "Looks like Townsville's had better days. No problem, I'll have this mess cleaned up in no time!"

Beefcake's streak of rapidly changing light shoots through Townsville like a tornado, putting things back together as though they were never destroyed to begin with! The people of Townsville run and hide from the rainbow colored whirlwind despite it currently fixing the city rather than breaking it any further than the fight between Beauty, Bigshot, and Bizarre already had!

Once the area is fixed up, Beefcake stops to admire his handiwork. "Yeah, this looks much better now! I could probably go pay Viletown a visit and clean up their city while I'm on a roll!"

"Excuse me sir, but you are currently scaring the populace of this town." The voice of a young girl is heard saying to Beefcake, who turns and sees an albino Powerpuff with dark hair and red eyes dressed in a black Powerpuff Girl dress with a red belt. "Blowing up the city. Putting it back together again. Haven't these poor people been though enough today?"

"Don't I know you from somewhere?" Beefcake asks, placing a hand over the girl's right eye. "I know I'm new in town, but for some reason I recognize you from somewhere."

"You do have the Powerpuff Girls fused into your being. Perhaps that is what you are remembering. I am Blackheart, the Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow."

"Oh I think you're right." Beefcake says, placing his clenched fists on his hips as he looks at Blackheart. "My name's Beefcake, and from what I can gather, I'm the hero of Townsville!"

"It would seem that way, but do you have any idea what has happened?" Blackheart says. "With the fusion device destroyed, there is no way to bring back the Powerpuff Girls, the Rowdyruff Boys, or the Powerpunk Girls." Blackheart stops for a moment, thinking to herself intently.

"Well, seeing as how I have all their powers, it isn't really like we lost any of them!" Beefcake replies, confident as ever.

"There is a large difference between super powers and the people who have them." Blackheart says, starting to look very sad. "I know from personal experience what it means for two different people to have the same super powers. I lived that situation the entirety of my previous life. You may have all of the powers they had, but it is clear to me that you will not use those powers the way they would choose to."

"I will use them better than any of them every could!" Beefcake declares, flexing an arm at Blackheart, who remains unconvinced.

"There is one way to bring them all back you know." Blackheart says, a mischievious grin on her face. "If something... or someone were to destroy you, you would probably turn back into Beauty, Bigshot, and Bizarre, and from there if they could be destroyed..."

"You issuing a challenge to me or something?" Bigshot asks, raising an eyebrow at Blackheart. "You may be a Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow, whatever that is, but you aren't any kind of match for me!"

"I wasn't talking about me. I'm the least of your worries." Blackheart says, vanishing in a flash of red light as a tidal wave of fire and twisted metal begins washing over Townsville!

"What the heck is that?" Beefcake asks as Townsville disappears in an explosion of light and fire! Hovering high in the air, watching the city collapse is a figure in a black and orange robe with spiky red hair...
Final Fusion: Part 4
Beauty, Bigshot, and Bizarre get in a huge fight that takes them all across the skies over Townsville, when something something accidentally happens to all three of them.
While Beauty is flying all around Townsville fighting crime, the Rowdyruff Boys watch her from their own hangout at the Townsville Mall, right by the movie theater.

"Who is that?" Boomer is first to ask. "She looks like a Powerpuff Girl, but she's way different from any of them."

"I'm not sure." Brick replies, trying to focus on the streak of light that keeps changing colors. "It's like they turned into a single girl with all their powers or something."

"You're not actually that far off." An unfamiliar voice tells Brick. The Rowdyruff Boys turn to see the thief in the yellow cloak holding the spherical device used by the young Powerpuff scientist.

"Who is this guy?" Butch asks, snickering. "Is that get-up for real?"

"The Powerpuff Girls have been transformed into a single, perfect being." The cloaked thief says, ignoring Butch's comments. "In their current form, they are invincible. Any of the fun things you enjoyed doing before are lost to you now."

"Yeah, I think he's right about that." Boomer says, looking up at Beauty, who has just flattened a giant monster in one punch with no effort at all. "If we still wanted to do bad stuff, she would come and stop us."

"What? How do we defeat the Powerpuff Girls if they are in a perfect form?" Brick asks, looking at the device in the theif's hand. "Unless you're here to help us. Can that thing make us into a perfect form like theirs?"

"It can, and it will." The cloaked figure says,  activating the device. Just like before, the Rowdyruff Boys are each transformed into glowing lights in their respective colors and drawn into the device, then released in a white light that takes the form of a single Rowdyruff Boy. The perfect form of the Rowdyruff Boys retains Brick's red cap, worn backwards as always, but now has even longer spiky hair than even he did, shining gold in color. His eyes and shirt now change color like Beauty's dress, and he has on a gold belt with "RRB" inscribed on the giant buckle.

The new Rowdyruff looks at his arms, which have bulked up considerably along with the rest of his body, and grins widely. "This feels awesome! I'm the bigshot of Townsville now!"

"Bigshot eh? A fitting name for your new perfect form." The thief says, turning and opening a glowing hole in the nearest wall of a building. "My work is not yet complete, but feel free to enjoy yourselves while I go use this one more time."

The thief steps through the hold just as Bigshot flies into the air in his own streak of multicolored light, going after Beauty. The hole turns out to be another portal, taking the mysterious traveller in the yellow cloak to a similar looking mall. He is quick to dodge a bowling ball flung across the food court, tossed by a teenage Brute of the Powerpunk Girls!

"Hey, watch it wierdo! You're messing up my game!" Brute shouts at the thief. "I was specifically trying to nail as many security guards as I can without hitting any bystanders. So far I got the high score!"

"That's because you're the only one bothering to play your dumb 'Don't hurt the innocent people' game!" Berserk shouts at Brute. "Does it really matter when we were already going to blow up this mall once Brat gets done clothes shopping here."

"Oh my gosh, this place has all the best clothes here!" Brat says, walking over to her sisters carrying a large shopping bag. "This is why I love this mall, they have everything I want in-"

Brute superheats one of the bowling balls in her hand and tosses it into the clothes store Brat just came out of, turning it into a makeshift bomb that explodes, taking the whole side of the building down. Brat gives Brute a dirty look.

"What the heck? Why did you blow it up?" Brat whines at Brute. "They were giving me free clothes!"

"Yeah? I didn't get anything." Brute replies.

"That's because you didn't go in and ask for anything." Brat retorts. "You'd rather stick to wearing that tight black leather outfit of yours that smells like a gym sock every evening when we get home because you sweat more than-"

The thief simply aims the device at the Powerpunk Girls and activates it, resulting in the same light show that fuses the Powerpunk Girls into a single perfect being. This one looks a bit different from the previous two, with long dark hair with pink, blue, and green highlights held in long, spiky pigtails by dark blue ribbons. Her eyes still change color, but her outfit now consists of a pink and black half tank top, pink arm bands, and a short black skirt.

"Hmm, I didn't think the Powerpunk Girls' perfect form would take such a bizarre appearance compared to the others."

"Excuse me? Who are you calling bizarre?" The Powerpunk Girl says to the thief in the yellow cloak, flying right up to him and grabbing him by the collar. "I hope you don't mind, but I like this stuff you've got with you. I think I'll take it!"


The thief is quickly knocked out with a couple of blows from the newly created Powerpunk, who takes the device he used to travel to this reality, as well as the fusion device. "On the other hand, Bizarre is a good name for me. Thanks, pal!"

Bizarre leans down and gives the now unconscious thief a kiss on the cheek as she activates the portal device. "Let's go pay that other reality a little visit. Show them how much better I am than they are now!" Bizarre says, looking at the fusion device. "Maybe I'll even bring this little toy with me!"
Final Fusion: Part 3
A thief has stolen the fusion device, and has used it on the Rowdyruff Boys and the Powerpunk Girls! What is there to gain from doing this?

UPDATE: Thanks to :iconkeytee-chan: for the preview pictures!
Hannah Around the World: The Dead Sea by RCBlazer
Hannah Around the World: The Dead Sea
Submitted as part of :icondynamoe:'s "Where's Hannah?" series.

"They say anyone can float on the Dead Sea, but Selma sank all the way to the bottom."

Hannah by :iconraingrass:
For some reason a lot of games, especially games in the AAA market, have been promoting the idea of preordering the game well in advance, offering things like cosmetic bonuses or even exclusive levels and characters for doing so. I feel this is a terrible direction for video gaming to go, and I will explain why.

First of all, the whole point of preordering games way back when; video games exclusively came in physical form. Cartridges, CDs, DVDs, UMDs, Cassette Tapes, whatever they came on, and being in a physical form meant that stores could sell out of that particular title, especially if the game in question was popular enough to warrant this. Those days are over with the advent of digital distribution; the company can never, ever run out of digital copies of the game to sell to you, because you digitally download into to your console or PC now.

The idea of getting exclusive items through preordering a game, cosmetic or otherwise, is a bad joke the gaming industry is still telling years later. Separating small, or in some egregious examples, big portions of the game from people who chose to wait for the actual release of the game before putting money down to get it is just plain wrong. It causes a rift in the community, especially if said preorder bonus was an exclusive map or playable character. One that will never be available to anyone else ever again, unless the developers later turn around and try to sell that piece of the game back as DLC, which is also a major problem with the industry today. The issues with DLC are already bad enough (selling portions of the game that should have been/were in the game in the first place) without preorder bonus content making the problem even worse!

The next issue involves the games themselves. Every single game I have seen receive high amounts of preorder sales turns out to be extremely disappointing, and in some really bad cases, a buggy, glitchy mess! Aliens: Colonial Marines, Watch Dogs, Destiny, Assassin's Creed: Unity, Mortal Kombat X, and now the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight have all had serious issues upon game release, and this isn't even going into games that require a constant connection to online servers to even function! When Diablo 3 and SimCity first came out, they didn't work at all, because the servers were not up and running! Getting the game early is not a factor, because you still will only get to start playing the game at the same time as everybody else; when the servers for said game actually come up! As an aside, you can already preorder Fallout 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and those games aren't scheduled to be released until November at the earliest! At this point developers could totally take advantage of gamers giving them money for a game that isn't even in the Alpha stages of development, and still make money off of it! At this point, why even finish the game? They could take your money and go home!

This leads to the next part of the problem with preordering: The gamers preordering the games. How many times do you need to get scammed by the games industry before you learn? All too often I see posts on gaming forums about people upset because they bought the game in advance and it doesn't work properly, or it isn't nearly as good as they thought it would be, who then turn around and preorder another game, only for the cycle to happen to them again! By preordering these games, you are telling the games' developers that you are perfectly fine with being ripped off! You are giving them the message that they can release a game as broken as Assassin's Creed: Unity, or a game as disappointing as Destiny, and not have to worry about ironing out any of the problems with these games because in a year from now, you're going to preorder the next game in the series anyway!

I actually read one person say they preorder games saying they would forget to purchase the game on release. That is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard! Just put it a wishlist! If you use Steam like me, the wishlist will let you know when the game has been officially released, and if you want to wait for the price to drop, it will even tell you when the game goes on sale! The best part? It doesn't cost any money at all to do this! The only way to end the cycle of broken, unfinished games being sold long before they even get released is to stop buying them before they get released!

As I say this, I will admit that I am excited for the release of Fallout 4. I own Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas, and the games are great, if a bit problematic to get working at times. That being said, I have put Fallout 4 on my Steam wishlist and will wait to see how the game plays before I even consider putting money down to get it. I advise you to do the same with ANY and ALL games you have an interest in playing.
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