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Vile Finds Out by RCBlazer
Vile Finds Out
Vile never expected the Devilpuffs would contact her, (not after what happened last time she broke into their lair) but they claimed it would be very important information they had to share with her. It had only been a week since she had given birth to her lovechild with Blister...

"...and you dropped all that baby weight already? Must be one of the perks of being a half demon from the Scorchlands! The fat just melts right off!"

"What exactly did you bring me here to tell me?" Vile asked, ignoring the compliment(?) and getting right to the point. Floating screens showing Blackheart fighting in Wonder against Jason of Triconia and Him appear, but something seems off about Blackheart in these images.

"What happened? I thought the evil Blackheart said she would get rid of her in Wonder!?" Vile asks, looking upset to see that Blackheart is not only still alive, but appears to be stronger and in better physical condition than she ever was before!

"Oh she did! The Blackheart you knew technically DID die while in Wonder! Both of her!" Evreeza tells Vile.

"Unfortunately, the good half of her was reborn. Not as a Voidbringer, but as the Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow." Erciza says, looking unhappily at the pane of Blackheart beating on Him.

"I can't believe she beat up Daddy so easily." Elayza says. "A Powerpuff Paragon must be really strong!"

Evreeza nods in agreement. "Not only that, but we know who and what the next Powerpuff Paragon will be!"

Vile shrugs, holding her baby close to her. "What does that have to with me or my baby?"

The Devilpuffs grin at Vile. "Let's just say that there is a connection between you and the next couple of Paragons..."

Vile by :iconrcblazer: <- Hey, that's me!
Vile's Baby: Nothing decided on yet. Need to contact :icondynamoe: and go over the details later. :P
The Devilpuffs Evreeza, Elayza, and Erciza by :iconknalljaas:
Jason Brooks of Triconia sits atop an obsidian throne overlooking Wonder from the top of the newly risen Spire of Blackskull, which now towers over the Silver Castle. With his dark powers mostly restored by the Black Heart, Jason can see what has happened to his allies in Triconia. Only one word comes to mind.


Jason lifts into the air off of his throne and to an altar, where he begins to channel his power. "Accursed seal! Even now I am not powerful enough to consume Wonder with the Black Void! My only chance now is to complete the ritual and transform. Once I become Blackskull the Voidbringer once again, darkness will completely take this land!"

"Don't be so sure of that." Jason hears a strangely familiar voice respond to him. Jason turns and sees the visage of Black and grins wickedly.

"Ah it's you, the traitor who led the forces of light right through the Black Void! If it had not been for your daughter, the Black Void would never have consumed Wonder!"

"Wonder was always Blackskull's greatest obsession, and his greatest failure." Black replies with a knowing nod. "In helping the forces of light stop Blackskull, I in turn saved the Black Void as well! Jazenok would have undone the balance of light and darkness by destroying himself and the Black Void to accomplish this one goal. I had the foresight to insure he was destroyed before he could do that."

"Once I am complete again and defeat the heroes of Wonder, I am coming to the Black Void to deal with you myself!" Jason threatens, but the grin never leaves Black's face.

"You can't win, even if you do transform. Your actions here in Wonder have condemned you to failure at the hands of my daughter, the Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow!"

Jason's eyes widen in genuine horror upon hearing this. Jason Brooks of Triconia remembered fighting Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup when he tried to open a portal to the Black Void in Townsville. The Powerpuff Girls defeated him and knocked him through the small portal he had opened, causing him to enter the Black Void itself and become Blackskull, but trapping him in the Black Void at the same time. By herself, Blackheart would be no challenge to Jason once he transformed, but as the Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow...

"Fine. If I cannot draw Wonder into the Black Void, then I will just destroy everyone!" Jason shouts angrily, clenching his fists. "Wonder will be saved, but I will take those who stood against me the longest to oblivion with me!"

Black simply chuckles with bemusement at Jason. "You do that, 'Lord' Jason of Triconia. See how many you actually manage to destroy before Blackheart erases you from existence for good! When you are gone, the threat of Jazenok Blackskull the Voidbringer will finally be gone forever! I look forward to this most of all."

Black's voice trails off as the ritual nears completion. Jason looks and sees the Silver Knights, led by Quintin, Felicia, and Blackheart approaching the Spire of Blackskull.

Jason returns to his throne and sits down, resting his chin on his clenched fist. "...let them come. The darkness will consume them all!"

Jason summons several portals leading into the Black Void in the fields outside the Silver Castle, as armies of dark warriors emerge from them to engage the Silver Knights. Garog and Ran take the lead, Garog smashing them and knocking them around with his warhammer, while Ran washes them off the path with her water magic.

"Garog, Ran, and I will stay here and hold the line. Blackheart, You take Quintin and Felicia and put an end to this!" Marx shouts to Blackheart, who nods, taking the Sorwin hero and the Silver Queen by the arm and flying toward the top of the Spire of Blackskull at high speed! Banshee and Siryn choose to take to the air as well, but stay with the Silver Knights to do battle with the dark army.

Jason watches with a hateful frown as Blackheart lands on top of the Spire of Blackskull, releasing Quintin and Felicia. Quintin is quick to draw Reflection, pointing the glowing blue sword at the dark lord. "It's over Jason, you've lost everything!"

"Indeed I have. Triconia, the Black Void, my army, my allies, all gone." Jason says, somehow managing to sound truly sad. "I have nothing left."

"Then surrender." Felicia says, drawing her own sword, certain that Jason won't actually surrender. Her instincts prove correct as Jason's frown twists into a sadistic smile, drawing his talwars as he stands up.

"Nothing except the chance to put an end to the both of you!" Jason shouts, opening portals to the Black Void all around himself! The dark powers coming from the portals engulf Jason's body completely.

"Jason stop! If you transform here and now, the magical seals will consume you!" Blackheart yells at the dark lord. "Your ties to the Black Void are severed, and you will cease to exist once you have exhausted all your remaining power!"

"I already know this..." Jazenok Blackskull the Voidbringer says as he steps forward, the portals to the void closing around him! "I have accepted that this is the end. However, before I go, I intend to destroy Quintin and Felicia, the two who have stood in my for far too long!" Blackskull chuckles darkly, still holding the talwar swords in his hands. "I should thank you, Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow, for bringing them here, to me. I will allow you to watch me put an end to them as a reward!"

With a maniacal laugh, Jason teleports right in front of Quintin and Felicia and swings his swords at both of them, but Quintin and Felicia each parry his talwars with their respective swords Reflection and the Royal Silver Rapier. Blackheart grabs Blackskull by his scarf and slams him into his throne, shattering it to pieces.

"Did you think I was just going to stand idly by and just let you hurt them?" Blackheart asks, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes. She then aims her arms as Blackskull starts to get up, but feels Quintin grab one of them.

"No, let us handle this." Quintin requests of Blackheart, looking into her large red eyes. "Blackskull has terrorized Wonder long enough. It's time Felicia and I put a stop to him ourselves."

Blackheart nods in understanding and lowers her arms. "There is still something I can do." She says, looking down at the battle below. The Silver Knights, Garog, Ran, Marx, Banshee, and Siryn are fighting the ever increasing waves of shadows and dark warriors pouring from the Black Void. She counts the number of portals, and raises a single arm into the air...

"Galaxy Missiles."

...and produces multiple star shaped projectiles that circle around her raised arm. She then casts them forward, causing them to scatter and fly directly at each portal! One of them goes right through one of the portals and explodes on the other side, causing the portal to close and Blackskull to stagger backwards as though he were hit by the attack himself!

Quintin and Felicia see this opening and charge at Blackskull, slashing their swords at the former Voidbringer. Both of them manage to land a few strikes as another Galaxy Missile destroys another portal, causing Blackskull to stagger again! The Sorwin hero presses his attack, parrying a talwar and cutting into the Voidbringer's arm, causing him to drop the sword.

"Curse you!"

Blackskull raises his other arm, talwar ready to strike, when he staggers again, feeling his power drop significantly as another portal is destroyed by Blackheart! Quintin spins and chops Blackskull's other arm completely off, which causes it to disappear in a flash of red and green smoke as Felicia casts a spell and blasts Jazenok in the legs with a beam of light!

Blackskull lands face down with a crash. "I will... destroy at least... one of you... before this is over!"

"It's time." Quintin nods at Felicia as Blackskull tries to stand, but is pounded down by Blackheart destroying the remaining portals all at once with the rest of her Galaxy Missiles. As Blackskull lays prone atop his spire, Quintin leaps high into the air and lands on top of the Voidbringer, driving Reflection through his back as Felicia enchants her Royal Silver Rapier with pure light and drives the blade into Jazenok's black skull itself!

The Spire of Blackskull itself explodes in response to the final destruction of Jason Brooks of Triconia and Jazenok Blackskull the Voidbringer. The floor beneath Quintin and Felicia crumbles beneath them as they start to fall, but are quickly caught by Blackheart, who carries them away from the tower and drops them off safely back in the field where the others are waiting for them. Everyone turns and watches as the Spire of Blackskull disappears completely, and the skies change from dark grey to blue once again.

"It's finally over." Blackheart says, a few tears forming in her eyes. "I am so sorry for all the trouble I caused you."

"You don't have to apologize." Felicia says with a comforting smile. "To be honest, we did not know a piece of Blackskull's powers still lingered within Jason of Triconia. Thanks to you, it has been destroyed completely."

"You risked your life to fight for us, and gave up much of what you were to save Wonder." Quintin replies. "In making such a selfless sacrifice, it appears you have already been rewarded."

Blackheart nods, looking down at her new self in awe. "The power I now wield is even greater than anything I could have done before. I promise I will use these powers as best I can to do good. It's just..."

"What's wrong?" Quintin asks, looking confused.

"Without my old powers, I won't ever be able to come back to Wonder once Felicia sends me home with her magic. I'll never see any of you ever again." Blackheart looks sadly at Quintin. "I do have to go home though. I have friends there that must miss me terribly. Before I go, there is one more thing I must do..."

Quintin looks at Felicia, who shrugs at him. He turns back and asks Blackheart. "What is left for you to do before you leave?"

"This." Blackheart throws her arms around Quintin and kisses him deeply on the mouth. She lets him go a moment later, a dark blush in her cheeks as she takes one final look at Quintin. "Thank you."

Quintin looks a bit surprised by this, but smiles regardless, waving good-bye to Blackheart as Felicia opens a portal for her.

"Good-bye Blackheart. Know that no matter what happens, you will always be welcomed as a friend to Wonder." Felicia says, waving to Blackheart.

Blackheart looks back at all the friends she's made during the war against her evil self and Jason Brooks of Triconia, knowing her adventure in Wonder was over. With a tearful smile, she waves good-bye to them and flies through the portal at high speed.

"I never would have imagined one of our greatest heroes would have come from the Black Void itself, of all places!" Marx says.

"I would not have guessed the Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow would awaken here in Wonder." Felicia says, deep in thought. "I only hope we haven't accidentally altered the balance of light and dark back in Blackheart's world..."
The Heroes of Wonder Part 19: The Final Battle
It all comes to a head at the newly raised Spire of Blackskull. Can the Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow and the Heroes of Wonder save the day and end the threat of Blackskull the Voidbringer once and for all?
"Blackheart? Can you hear me?"

"Father? Is that you? If I can hear you, does that mean Jason...?"

"I'm afraid so. I can sense the Black Void's energy being drawn into Wonder as we speak."

"Then I lost. I'm so sorry, this is all my fault."

"Don't worry, there's still a chance to stop Jason from completing the ritual that will consume Wonder."

"I can't stop him now. I lost my powers as a Voidbringer."

"I sensed as much. Not to worry, you still have your other powers."

"As a Dark Powerpuff? They're not enough to beat Jason."

"That's where you're wrong, Blackheart. Jason doesn't know it yet, but by consuming the Black Heart, he has created a threat to himself greater than even the Sorwins! An incredible power has been yours all along, but you were unable to use it due to your inner conflict. Now, rise and prepare yourself, as your true power awakens!"

Blackheart's eyes open wide, glowing with red light as she rises into the air, her injuries all but vanishing!

"Father, what's happening to me? How is this possible?"

"When you were first born, I could sense you were destined to be more than just a Voidbringer. Your dark powers were very impressive, but even that pales compared to your strength now, for you were always meant to become this, the Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow!"

"This power... my evil self kept me from my true power this whole time?"

"Yes, but not anymore. The Silver Queen, the Sorwins, and the others need your help Blackheart. Won't you use your new powers to save Wonder?"

"I will!" Blackheart flies off at tremendous speed, a streak of black and red light tracing her path through the sky as she arrives in record time to the desert of Triconia. The newly christened Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow fires her eyebeams, seemingly hitting the air itself as it tears a hole in the fabric of reality! From this tear, Quintin, Felicia, Marx, Garog, Ran, Banshee, Siryn, and the Silver Knights all appear!

"What happened? Where are we?" Marx asks, looking confused.

"Ugh, we're in a desert. Must be Triconia." Ran answers. "Why did Jason choose to send us here?"

"Jason didn't bring you here, I did." Blackheart speaks up. The others turn to see the new Blackheart, dressed in a regular Powerpuff dress, but black in color with a red belt. Her long hair no longer covering her two large red eyes, which emit a dim glow.

"Blackheart? Something's different about you now." Siryn says. "What happened to you when you got to the forest?"

"Jason is opening the gateway to the Black Void. Father spoke to me, and revealed to me my true power." Blackheart replies. "If we want to save Wonder, we have to hurry! The first step will be to cut Jason off from his army here in Triconia."

"Of course. The Voidspeaker and Him are somewhere nearby." Quintin says with a nod. "If we can defeat them and take back the Viashino fortress, Jason will be cut off from his reinforcements, then we can go and retake the Silver Castle."

"I'm afraid it won't be so simple..." a high pitched voice echoes through the night sky. Blackheart narrows her eyes as she looks around.

"Grandfather. Wherever you're hiding, know that I'm going to find you and stop you for good this time!" Blackheart vows.

"Oh? Exactly how do you plan on doing that again?" Him asks in a mocking tone, his voice shifting to loud and monstrous. "YOU'RE NO LONGER A VOIDBRINGER!"

"You're right. I'm something much worse now..."

Just then, an army of blade men, gremlins, and demon hounds appear all around the desert, ready to defend the dark lord's stronghold in Triconia. Blackheart merely smirks, aiming her arms forward...

"Big Bang Laser."

...and firing off a tremendous red beam that carves a massive trench in the desert, taking a large chunk of the evil army with it! Blackheart smirks when she hears no response from Him.

"I think I scared Grandfather. He should be scared."

Felicia turns to her army of Silver Knights and to her friends. "Now is the time! We must take the Viashino stronghold from Jason's army! Silver Knights, everyone, charge!"

Marx leads the advance, drawing his enchanted greatsword, followed by his brother Quintin, Garg, and Princess Ran. Banshee and Siryn take to the air and follow Blackheart as she flies high into the air, heading for the main keep where her evil grandfather and the twins' father is hiding.

"Leave Him to me." Blackheart says to the twins, staring at a cowering Him. "Give it up, Grandfather, you've already lost."

"What's happened to you? You were not nearly this powerful before!" Him says, looking genuinely shocked at Blackheart.

"Jason absorbed the energy from the Black Heart, the last remaining piece of the old Blackheart." Blackheart replies, grinning from ear to ear at Him. "What do you think of the new me?"

Before Him can answer, Blackheart interrupts. "No wait. I don't care." She then flies right at Him, landing a flurry of punches and a backflip kick faster than one can blink their eyes! Him vanishes in his trademark pink smoke, clearly distraught.

"First of all, WHAT?!?" Him asks, his voice all around the fortress. "Second, THE HECK?!?"

Siryn nods in approval. "Never seen Him so upset before."


Him's voice trails off, Blackheart realizes he must have left Wonder, possibly going back to his lair. She smiles knowingly. "Jason's not going to be happy with you leaving Grandfather. Not that he'll be around long enough to find out."

Meanwhile, the Silver Knights, led by the heroes of Wonder, have already taken some of the keeps, driving the monsters loyal to Jason of Triconia back. All that remains is the Voidspeaker, who stands ready with his magic staff.

"I don't know how you managed to make it this far, but this is where your story ends." The lich says, preparing a dark spell. Felicia casts her own spell at the Voidspeaker, hurling a spear of pure light, but it is deflected by a shield of dark magic. "The power Lord Jason has bestowed upon me for my loyal service is more than efficient to deal with the likes of you."

"Maybe, but it's still not enough to deal with me!" Quintin steps forward, drawing Reflection from its scabbard and pointing the blade at the lich. He then drops into a fighting stance as the Voidspeaker fires dark magic into the air, coming down as a rain of spears! Quintin merely slashes Reflection, creating a shield of light that protects him and the others from the Voidspeaker's spell, then charges forward, slashing at the lich, who parries his attacks with his staff.

"This cannot be happening. As powerful as you are, it isn't possible for you to achieve victory here. Victory from NOTHING!" The Voidspeaker declares, raising its voice for the first time since the invasion began!

Quintin blocks a strike from the lich's staff, then knocks the staff from the Voidspeaker's hand as Felicia, Marx, Garog, and Ran hit the lich with a tandem attack; Felicia shooting a large bolt of light, Marx sending a wave of water out with his sword, Ran with a wave of water to compound Marx's attack, and Garog slamming his warhammer into the ground to send a wave of fire outward! Quintin adds his own power to the attack, firing a beam of light from Reflection that creates a drill of light, flames, and water that blasts the Voidspeaker, leaving the lich a pile of bones and a torn, ragged robe!

Blackheart, Banshee, and Siryn float down to where the heroes defeated the Voidspeaker. "Oh, you've already beaten the lich. I was hoping to get a hit in myself." Blackheart says with a shrug. "No matter. Whatever forces Jason still has with him at the Silver Castle won't be efficient enough to stop us now."

Marx looks curiously at Blackheart. Ran looks at Marx and Garog as Quintin sheathes Reflection, preparing to head out.

"Let's not waste any time! We can beat Jason before it's too late!" Felicia shouts. "Back to the Silver Castle for the final battle!"
The Heroes of Wonder Part 18: The Paragon
Although she has lost her powers as a Voidbringer completely, Blackheart's true powers awaken, and she takes her place as the first Powerpuff Paragon! Can the princess of the Black Void itself light Wonder through its darkest hour?
PPZ3 Blackheart (Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow) by RCBlazer
PPZ3 Blackheart (Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow)
Warning: Minor spoilers to the Heroes of Wonder.

After finally defeating her evil self and her encounter with Jason Brooks of Triconia in Wonder, Blackheart has lost her powers as a Voidbringer. However, in doing so, something Blackheart never could have expected happened; she transformed into something even more powerful! This is Blackheart as the Powerpuff Paragon of Shadow as she appears in Powerpuff Z 3!

Blackheart by :iconrcblazer: <- That's me! =D

PPZ3 by :icontifu:
Music to Soothe the Dragon by RCBlazer
Music to Soothe the Dragon
Another comic request by :iconkingofthedragons1: This time the Rowdyruff Boys have to figure out a way to defeat Ultra Zachary Jr. now that he has transformed! Luckily, Butch happens to have something that should do just the trick! It seems music is a weapon that can be used against the Dragonruff!

Ultra Zachary Jr. by iconkingodthedragons1:

The Rowdyruff Boys by :iconcmcc:

Siryn by :iconrcblazer: <- That's me! =D
Thanks to :iconslashermovies: I now know how to make recordings of games and programs that Fraps did not record before! I'll finally be able to make a couple of Youtube videos I had been hoping to do for a while now, so look for them soon! =D
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