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With Siryn now following alongside him, Quintin leads the Silver Knights toward the island where the Temple of the Dragoon stands. A few small monsters have appeared on the island to guard it, rather than the shadow warriors of the Black Void.

Quintin looks confused. "Why would the Void Gate be guarded by monsters, rather than by shadows?" Quintin asks. "Perhaps our victory on the islands already drove them off?"

"I don't like the looks of this." Siryn says, a worried look on her face. "Something about this feels like a trap."

The monsters charge at Quintin and Siryn, but are quickly defeated by Quintin's sword slashes and Siryn's quick and graceful kicks. "Silver Knights, we'll need to fortify this position!"

The Silver Knights begin to set up base camp while Quintin and Siryn enter the temple grounds where the Void Gate was seen.

"How are you going to seal that thing up once we reach it?" Siryn asks.

"I am a champion of the forces of light. I can use the powers granted to me by the one who bestowed me that title to seal the gate." Quintin answers her. Siryn's eyes widen at his answer.

"You're the champion of the lord of light himself? Astonishing! I can see why Him retreated from you."

Quintin and Siryn approach the Void Gate, when one of the Silver Knights enters the temple. Quintin turns and addresses the knight. "Yes, what is it? Report."

"Sir Quintin, something strange has happened! No sooner did we finish establishing a base camp did several of our own knights go traitor and attack us!"

"Traitors?" Quintin is shocked by the sudden change of events. "First the Silver Knights fail to follow my orders, now they're turning against me? Some leader I turned out to be."

"Don't blame yourself Quintin. Something about this reeks of Him's doing." Siryn replies reassuringly. "We can still seal the Void Gate after we sort this all out."

"Right, back to the base camp!" Quintin and Siryn head out to where the Silver Knights have set up their base, seeing the knights fighting among themselves!

"I can't even tell the good guys from the bad!" Siryn says. "What can we even do?"

"I'm not sure. We won't know who the traitors are until one of them attacks us directly." Quintin replies. With his sword in a defensive position, Quintin slowly approaches the battling knights, when one of them turns and swings his sword at the hero! Quintin easily parries the blow and knocks out the turncoat with the hilt of his blade, which clangs against his helmet.

"Siryn, can you bring this one to its senses?"

"I can try, but if it is Him, my song might not work. I may still be able to get him to tell us which one of them is leading this betrayal." Siryn floats down to the turncoat knight and sings a soft melody to it. The traitor raises its hand and points at one of the Silver Knights engaged in battle with the others. "That's the leader of the traitors! If they are being controlled by Him, taking that one out should end the attack!"

Quintin wastes no time at all, charging right at the turncoat leader and running him through with his sword! A blast of evil energy erupts from the armor of the treacherous knight, revealing its true form as that of a demon! Once he has fallen, the other traitors either disappear in a cloud of pink smoke or return to their senses.

"Very good Siryn! I can see you have been improving since the last time..." Him's high pitch voice turning dark and loud. "...THE LAST TIME I TRIED TO DESTROY YOU AND BANSHEE! You are both such a DISAPPOINTMENT TO ME!"

"You were a terrible father!" Siryn shouts back angrily. "You didn't create us to be your loving daughters, you just wanted Powerpuff Girls under your control, and tried to get rid of us when you found out you couldn't make us evil!" Tears begin to form in Siryn's eyes as her body trembles with emotion. "If Bubbles hadn't come back for us..."

"...I would have succeeded in destroying of both of you." Him finishes her sentence calmly, but still in his evil voice. His voice changes back to its high pitched tone. "Oh well, I'll just have to settle with destroying you and the lord of light's chosen champion!" His voice changes again to the loud, evil voice. "ARISE, FROST WYVERN! CRUSH THE CHAMPION OF LIGHT!"

A massive hole bursts open right in front of the Void Gate as a massive dragon with a body made entirely out of ice emerges! The frost wyvern spots Quintin and immediately dives at him! Quintin lands a couple of strikes with his sword on the monster, but the sword seems to do only minor damage to the monster as it kicks him in the head, knocking him over!

The monster swoops up into the air before circling back for another attack, when it is kicked in its own head by Siryn! The white haired Powerpuff Girl tries to follow up her attack with another kick, but the frost wyvern catches her in its mouth and shakes her around a bit before throwing her to the ground! Siryn crashes into the ground in a streak of yellow light, leaving a small crater that is quickly bombarded by several large chunks of ice spit out by the frost wyvern!

Quintin is quick to get back to his feet, dodging another swooping attack from the monster. "It's icy scales are too thick for me to cut through with my sword! We'll need to attack it with something else."

"Sir Quintin, are you all right?" One of the Silver Knights approaches, seeing the frost wyvern high in the air attacking. "That large monster may be vulnerable to the cannons on our ship."

"Yes, fall back to the ship and open fire on this beast!" Quintin orders. The Silver Knight salutes and makes his way back to the ships they sailed to the Dragoon Isles. Dodging a large chunk of ice, Quintin also starts to retreat from the temple.

"Leaving so soon Quintin?" Him asks the Sorwin hero in his high pitched voice. "Weren't you going to seal the Void Gate?"

Quintin seems focused more on the frost wyvern than Him, dodging another of its swooping attacks and hitting it with his sword, only succeeding in chipping off some of the ice from its scales.

Him continues to taunt the hero. "Perhaps you should have brought an icepick instead of a sword?" He says with a shrug. His voice changes back to the loud, evil voice. "STOP PLAYING AROUND AND FINISH OFF THE SORWIN!"

The frost wyvern fires a huge chunk of ice from its mouth directly at Quintin, but a yellow streak of light flies out in front of the hero and catches the chunk of ice, throwing it back at the monster! A bruised and injured Siryn follows the chunk of ice as it hits the frost wyvern in the chest, delivering a drill like spinning double kick to one of its wings, spraying cold slush everywhere as she causes damage to it!

The frost wyvern gives out a loud shriek as it smack Siryn out of the air, but Quintin is quick to catch her as she falls. The monster targets them and prepares to fire another blast of ice, when a cannonball suddenly strikes the beast in the stomach, shattering off it's tail and legs! Him watches in anger as the Silver Knights prepare a second shot on the frost wyvern using the cannons onboard their ship.

"STAY OUT OF THIS!" Him shouts as he teleports onto the deck of the ship! This turns out to be a big mistake on his part, as several of the knights draw their silver edged swords and swing at Him, cutting the evil imp in several places! Him is quick to disappear in a cloud of pink smoke again, crying out in pain.

"I... HAAAAAAATE SILVER!" Him roars in his evil voice, appearing right in front of Quintin and Siryn. "I'LL JUST HAVE TO DESTROY THE TWO OF YOU MYSELF!"

Before any of them can start to attack, the injured frost wyvern is blasted out of the sky by the ship's cannon, causing the creature to explode into icy chunks that rain down on top of them! Siryn is the first to climb out of the melting chunks of ice, when a lobster claw grabs her! Him rises out of the ice, growing larger as his red skin turns darker, a sinister grin on his face as he looks at Siryn.


"Not if I destroy you first!" Quintin is heard saying right behind his ear! Before Him can truly understand the situation, the hero drives his silver sword into Him's shoulder, forcing him to let go of Siryn as he jumps off his shoulder, dragging the blade of the sword down his back and leaving a large gash in its wake! Him collapses to the ground, shrinking down to his original size and whimpering in pain as Quintin turns and leaves, headed toward the Void Gate.

"Where are you going?" Him asks in his high pitched voice. "Why aren't you going to finish me off?"

"There's not enough time left! I have to seal the Void Gate now!" Quintin answers Him, approaching the Void Gate and holding out his hands. A golden light radiates from Quintin and shines onto the Void Gate as it starts to shrink and close.

"If I have to go away..." Him's high pitched voice changes again. "...I'M TAKING YOU WITH ME, SORWIN!" With his last ounce of power remaining, Him aims one of his claws at Quintin, preparing to fire a blast of energy at him, but Siryn flies down and stomps on his arm, causing his shot to miss just before kicking Him in the head! Him vanishes in another cloud of pink smoke, but this time he doesn't reappear.

"Are you all right Quintin?" Siryn asks, turning to see the hero has finished sealing the Void Gate.

Quintin smiles at Siryn. "I'm fine. Thank you for all your help. I don't know if I could have done it without you." Quintin winces a bit from where the frost wyvern had hit him. "I think we've earned a bit of time to rest and recover. I just hope the others are having an easier time than we did."
The Heroes of Wonder Part 6: HIM!
Quintin's journey to seal the first Void Gate is made much more difficult by the evil imp that tricked and tormented Felicia before she became the Silver Queen. With Siryn's help, can Quintin deal with the evil manifestations of HIM?
With the Silver Knights at his command, Quintin arrives at the Dragoon Isles via ship. The knights begin to make a base camp as the hero overlooks the area.

One of the knights approaches Quintin. "These islands are much larger in mass than any of us thought they would be."

"That's because the islands were once a single landmass." Quintin replies. "The dragoon the islands are named after is their guardian, but I don't see it anywhere."

Off in the distance, Quintin does spot the Void Gate he came to close. It is close to the Temple of the Dragoon, being guarded by the Black Void's warriors led by Phantas the Dark.

"It seems we have a chance to end this battle quickly if their leader is here!" Quintin says, turning to see that the knight he was talking to has left! The other Silver Knights are also wandering away for some reason!

"Hey! Where are you going? The enemy is this way!" Quintin shouts, but the knights don't seem to listen to him. "Marx said I'm in command remember? I order you to come back!" Still, the Silver Knights ignore Quintin's orders and wander off.

"Some leader you are turning out to be." Quintin draws his sword and swipes, clanging against the pole of Phantas' shadow spear. "First fight without your brother in charge, and the Silver Knights go AWOL. How amusing!"

Quintin jumps to the side to avoid a thrust of the shadow spear and lands a few hits on Phantas the Dark, but his silver broadsword only clanks against his armor. Phantas looks a bit confused as he presses his attack, backing the hero down to where the ships docked.

"I expected more of a fight from the hero who ended the Chronicle of the Curse." Phantas declares, looking as disappointed as a phantom wearing a demonic helmet can look. "Is your sword not capable of turning my own dark power against me?"

"I apologize, but I don't have that sword as of this time." Quintin says, still looking fearless in the face of the clearly stronger fighter. His thoughts, as well as those of Phantas the Dark, are interrupted by a strange sound coming from where the Silver Knights all left to go to.

"Is that... singing?" Phantas asks, backing away from the Sorwin. "Could it be that she is here?"

Quintin looks confused. "Who is here?"

"If she were to summon the dragoon..." Phantas runs past Quintin and heads toward the sound of the singing. "I must stop her before that happens!"

"Oh no you don't!" Quintin shouts, chasing the phantom knight as he runs to the nearby shrine, spotting the Silver Knights gathered around a Powerpuff Girl with long white hair wearing a yellow dress. It seems she is the one who is singing, and had led the Silver Knights away from Quintin and the battle!

"It is you! I order you to stop at once!" Phantas shouts, raising his spear at the Powerpuff Girl, who stops singing and looks at the phantom knight with a pair of yellow eyes, which narrow at the sight of the enemy.

"I will not! I must summon the dragoon at once!" She replies. Phantas twirls his spear and prepares an attack, but Quintin intercepts him, striking the phantom with his sword. Phantas turns and points his spear at Quintin, the red glow radiating from the helmet seemingly narrowing.

"Don't you know your weapon alone is no match for me?" Phantas asks Quintin mockingly. "Not even a Sorwin can stand against my might!"

"Sorwin? Is that...?" The Powerpuff Girl looks at Quintin's glowing golden eyes and gasps, seeing the Silver Knights surrounding her, enthralled by her singing. She quickly sings something to the knights, who all draw their weapons and advance on Phantas the Dark!

"My weapon alone may not be enough, but perhaps the combined strength of the Silver Knights can handle you." Quintin says, ready for a fight, but Phantas vanishes in a cloud of smoke, realizing he is outnumbered.

"If I cannot stop the girl, I can at least destroy the dragoon before it awakens!" Phantas shouts as he disappears. The Silver Knights seemingly awaken from their trance as Quintin approaches the yellow clad Powerpuff Girl.

"Who are you?" Quintin asks right away. "Why are you trying to summon the dragoon?"

"My name is Siryn. The evil demon who created me and my twin sister is here on the Dragoon Isles! I was hoping to summon the dragoon to deal with... Him."

"We'll have to hurry and summon the dragoon before Phantas can reach it first!" Quintin replies.

"There is another shrine to the dragoon across the water. I could fly over, but there are dark warriors there and I didn't think I could defeat that many on my own." Siryn tells Quintin.

"Don't worry, the Silver Knights and I can back you up." Quintin replies, leading them outside, only to find that the docks have been taken by the Black Void's army!

"You won't be able to reach your ships in time! Hold off here for a moment, I have another idea." Siryn says as she flies into the air in a streak of yellow light. Some of the dark warriors try to shoot her down, but Quintin and the Silver Knights go on the offensive, slaying the crossbow wielding shadows. Just as it looks like the fight is going well, Quintin sees the yellow streak of light crash into the water!

"Oh no, did she get shot down?" Quintin looks worried for a moment, when the whole island suddenly starts to move! Quintin and some of the Silver Knights lose their footing and fall into a sitting position as the island crashes into one of the other islands! Siryn emerges from the water a moment later.

"There, now you and the knights can cross to the other island without having to sail." Siryn calls to them, a smile on her face.

"You could have warned me you were going to do that!" Quintin replies as he gets up. He and the Silver Knights begin to fight their way to the other temple through the remaining dark warriors. Once the temple is clear, Siryn goes inside and starts to sing again.

"Everyone protect Siryn until the dragoon is summoned!" Quintin gives the order, although it seems the Silver Knights are already on this task, perhaps under the control of Siryn's song. After fighting off more of Phantas' forces, Siryn stops singing and flies behind Quintin as a flamboyant looking imp dressed in a red dress with pink frills and long black boots enters the shrine!

"I thought that sounded familiar. Hello Siryn!" The imp speaks in a high pitched echoing voice. "I thought I'd get to run into my twins eventually."

"We are not 'your' twins!" Siryn shouts at Him with a tinge of fear in her voice, staying behind Quintin, who has his sword ready for a fight. "You may have created us, but we are nothing like you!"

"Who is this?" the imp asks, looking at Quintin with a mix of curiousity and interest. "A Sorwin? No, this is THE Sorwin, isn't it?" Him's voice suddenly changes, becoming louder and more masculine. "THE ONE WHO DESTROYED JASON OF TRICONIA!" His voice changes back to its high pitched tone. "I really should thank you for that. I never really liked Jason that much."

"You're really not going to like me then!" Quintin says as he rushes at Him and slashes with his sword, which Him deflects with his claw hands, but the silver edge of the blade causes Him to react as though he had been hit by an electrical shock, and he backs away.

"Silver? The knights..." Him looks almost traumatized by some memory he appears to be reliving. He finally disappears in a cloud of pink smoke as a familiar name echoes through the shrine.


"Was that the demon King Singas defeated so long ago?" One of the knights asks. "The one who caused the Tragedy?"

"It is the same one, and he'll be back, so be ready." Siryn replies. She then finishes her singing at the shrine, resulting in a rumbling sound coming from the islands themselves. Quintin runs outside the shrine to see the massive dragoon emerge from the waters! On its back it Phantas the Dark, who appears to be trying to strike down the dragoon with the shadow spear, but the dragoon spins in the air and bucks the phantom knight off its back, then circles around and breathes lightning on the phantom where it crash landed!

"Curse you all!" Phantas shouts, his body weakened significantly by the dragoon's attack. "I may have failed, but you will never save Wonder its fate! We shall meet again!" The phantom vanishes, along with all the other dark warriors. The dragoon looks at Quintin, Siryn, and the Silver Knights with a knowing smile before diving back under the waves it came from.

"I hope he doesn't mind that I had to move one of its islands to help you." Siryn says, scratching the back of her head.

"I'm sure the dragoon knows you did so to help him, and us." Quintin replies. "The Void Gate is near the Temple of the Dragoon. It may yet still be guarded by dark forces. Will you help me and the Silver Knights to reach it?"

"Of course." Siryn replies with a friendly smile. "I'm not going to let Him cause something as bad as the Tragedy to happen to Wonder again!"

Siryn flies ahead toward the Temple of the Dragoon, while Quintin follows the trail of yellow light in her wake. Near the back, one of the Silver Knights begins to move strangely, as Him's voice echoes in his head.

"...what is your bidding, my master?"
The Heroes of Wonder Part 5: Siryn's Song
Quintin must deal with Phantas the Dark and a new foe if he is to reach the first Void Gate! Fortunately, he will have found a new ally as well.
The Rowdyruff Boys Break the Fourth Wall by RCBlazer
The Rowdyruff Boys Break the Fourth Wall
Requested by :iconkingofthedragons1:

What? The Rowdyruff Boys have broken through dA to our reality! :noes:

Boomer: Wow, it's much bigger on this side! Where should we go first?

Butch: Let's go find whoever drew us kissing the Powerpuff Girls instead of punching them! :bleh: We'll find 'em, then punch THEM!

Brick: Sounds like a plan to me. :evileye: Let's go!

The Rowdyruff Boys by :iconcmcc:
I added a new folder to my gallery for The Heroes of Wonder. My plan is to submit a new part every Monday (or at least close to Monday) so as to give myself a whole week to write out the story and make necessary edits and spelling corrections. I am aware even with all that, some spelling and grammar mistakes might still make it through. ^^; I'll do the best I can with that at the least. This will hopefully also allow me to continue to make other pictures as well, so as not to focus entirely on the story I'm writing. There's going to be a lot of parts to this one, and a few other stories on the way, and I wouldn't want to hold myself up to focus entirely on that of course. =)

Thanks again to everyone who has :+devwatch: me!

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